Why I’m Building Our Heritage Library

A few years ago, the Lord prompted me to begin building our home library.

I now consider our home library our Heritage Library. My vision is to establish a very fine, private library that will be available not only to my children, but to my children’s children. I am spurred on by our […]

Highlights from the Conference

(edited to add an additional link on 7/31/06)

As my daughter Corin said last night, “I went, I heard, I bought”, to which I’ll add “I tired!!”. We had a delightful time at the homeschool conference this weekend. The conference was held in a city about an hour’s drive from my home, and one of […]

Favorite Things Friday – Hand Painted Decorating

One of the many skills that my daughter, Danielle, has taught herself is the art of One Stroke Painting. I have benefited greatly from her self-taught skills.

We had not lived in our present house long when Dani first started learning to paint. Since my laundry room was way down the priority list […]

Sewing – Whew!

As I mentioned in my Whirlwind Wednesday post, I spent a good amount of time on line yesterday perusing the Simplicity Pattern website. You know what? There really are not very many good, dressy patterns for toddler boys!!! I found a couple that I can jury-rig, I think.

Anyway, I made my list, […]

Children That Love To Read

I’ve often wondered why some families have children that love to read, and other families bemoan the fact that their children loathe reading. My two daughters, now 26 and 22, have always loved reading. When the boys came along, now 12 and 7, things weren’t quite the same.

My 12 year old was […]

Wednesday Whirlwind

Today is nuts!!! Absolutely whacko! In addition to my normal, everyday homemaking things, along with my weekly Wednesday chores, I’ve got several things brewing. I’ll give you snippets of my day and some things I’m whining about working through. I’m not really whining, though I’m tempted I know that I can do all things […]

Old-Fashioned Pleasures – Living Things In The Home

I love having living things in my home, or at least the appearance of living things. I think it may be a throw back to Victorian times, or, more likely, its our God-given role as garden-tenders and dominion-takers that keeps this love in my heart. I think that I love flowers, especially, because I […]

Copper’s Day Off

Mondays are Copper’s day off. I thought I’d show you how he spent a good part of his day today.

He hung this sign, which was a gift from our neighbor to Dani, over the entrance from my living room to my school room.








He […]

Chiseling Out A Sewing Nook – Total Cost $0.00!

I love to sew. I really do! However, I have not done much sewing at all for several years. The reason? All of my sewing and craft supplies, including my sewing machine, have been housed in the armoire in my bedroom. The only logical place I had to sew was at the kitchen table. […]

Son? What Was That?

That was what I asked my 7 year old son tonight. He was flying madly running through the house, trying to finish his after dinner chores in time to have some ice cream. I had just heard what sounded like something hitting the floor and scattering.

There was a looooooong pause, and […]