Favorite Things Friday – Hand Painted Decorating

One of the many skills that my daughter, Danielle, has taught herself is the art of One Stroke Painting.  I have benefited greatly from her self-taught skills.

We had not lived in our present house long when Dani first started learning to paint.  Since my laundry room was way down the priority list for fixing our home up, we allowed Dani to practice her techniques.  She knew that I wanted to have floral swags and other such painted items around my home.  Her practice wall was quite the conversation piece!! Her skills improved and it was finally time for her to put her skills to work!  We painted the laundry room walls and the stage was set.

Here are some pictures of my laundry room now!  It’s rather long and narrow, so getting good pictures was hard!  I have a garden motif, with a picket fence, birdhouses and lots of flowers, birds and bugs!!   I stenciled the outlines of the fence and the birdhouses, but all the detail work was done by Dani!!  I LOVE it!




I have a little bird’s nest, with eggs in it, over the door to the back bathroom.


This little mouse peeks up at me from behind my laundry room waste basket!


She even painted some lovely flowers on a vintage washboard I pulled out of someone’s garbage  discard pile!  (okay, it’s true!  I’m a pile picker!!)


I also have these lovely dark pink rose swags over my front door and entryway windows!!

Though I don’t live in an old house, I do have the faux look of cracked plaster over bricks with ivy growing through in my back hallway.

Dani has used her skills to paint the front of a drop-front desk for her Paw Paw and Grandma Meg, and they are planning on her doing some work on their shutters this fall.  Her sister is hoping to have her use her skills in my only (so far) Grand-daughter’s room soon.  I love having such an artist in my home!!!

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8 comments to Favorite Things Friday – Hand Painted Decorating

  • WOW!! I am SO VERY impressed with Dani’s painting ability.  She does just an outstanding job.  I think the  picket fence mural is absolutely lovely.  Most of the time when we have company we want to shut our laundry room door. (YUCK)  Yours is so very adorable I think it is a “must see.”  Maybe you can send her to VA to do a little painting for me??!! 

  • I LOVE IT!! Dani, you are very talented. I can see you put so many wonderful touches into it! I don’t tend to like mice but the little one you painted is so cute! 🙂 Love the birdsnest..too sweet!!

  • Dani!!! Your skills continue to amaze me; these are BEAUTIFUL! You are such a wonderful example of using your time productively while blessing your family. I can’t wait to show these photos to Kate.


    Lisa Kjeldgaard

  • Love your laundry room! Your daughter is a very talented young woman!! The little mouse is too cute!

  • i love them all! she is very talented! maybe my dds can take a class or two. my cousin, mother of 14 children does this too:


    let her know I sent you 🙂


  • Thank you, ladies.  Dani has very much enjoyed reading all of your comments on her painting.  I’m hoping to get to re-doing a couple of my other rooms (that desperately need it!!) so that I can have her do some more painting for me.  😉  

  • Hi again!
    I was thinking about Dani’s work this afternoon. I’m going to be painting my laundry room this fall and I should wish I could hire her to pretty it up!! I keep coming back to look at the pictures. Let me know if you are ever in the Dallas area. :0)


  • Kelli – Funny thing!  Dani has a very close friend who lives in Dallas, though I think the family may be moving soon!