Praising God This Morning

     We were reminded again this morning of God’s faithful protection of us!!  A new neighbor was out mowing dead grass when his lawn mower caught fire.  My daughter saw the smoke early on and called for us.  By the time I looked out, all I could see was a BIG CLOUD of smoke not 50 feet from his house, and bordering our 2 1/2 acre sheep pasture (which is all dried grass at this time of year!). 

     911 was called, fire was dispatched and my husband (who providentially is off on Mondays) loaded up my 12 year old and a couple of shovels and headed over that way. 

     Long story short, the man moved his mower out of the grass and onto the gravel driveway before catching anything more on fire and what little grass did catch on fire, was extinguished. 

     I LOVE my husband!!!  When he came back and all the fire equipment had gone back to the stations, he asked me if I’d taken any pictures for my blog!!!  I really, really do love that man!  

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