Wonderful Series Of Books Back In Print (Library Builders)

     This is Paris is part of a terrific series, written decades ago, by Czech painter Miroslav Sasek.  (Be sure to click the Amazon link to the book above to see more!)  Mr. Sasek was a Czech painter who wrote the first book in the series after a vacation in Paris.  He was inspired to create these books as children’s travel guides to the big cities of the world.  There were, eventually, more than a dozen books in the series.  The series fell out of print long ago, but I am so excited to see that it is being brought back into print!

     These books are so wonderful!!  They are printed on high quality paper, hardbound  with stitching, and have lovely dustjackets.  Sasek’s beautiful paintings and text have been carefully reproduced.   Each book covers the most important landmarks of the city or country it is named for.  Bits and pieces of history are included in short snippets.  Every page includes Mr. Sasek’s wonderful, whimsical paintings.  The books were written in a timeless style that is appealing to all ages.  My boys love having these for part of their geography study, and even Dani (age 22) enjoys them!  Me, too!! 

     Though the books cover basic history and landmarks, which are not subject to change with the years, a very few cultural matters may have changed.  In order to bring any out of date information current, the publisher has marked any out of date text in the reprints with an *.   At the end of each book, all the information marked with an * is given, along with the page it was found on, with the current information.  One such example is from  This is ParisThe book mentions bicycle policeman, and the fact that Parisians call them “hirondelles” or “swallows”.  An asterisk appears here in the text, then, at the end of the book, it is explained that the policemen no longer ride bicycles in Paris, but rather they ride motorbikes.  More explanation is given, of course, but you get the idea.   Fortunately, the books were so well written, that there is very little in the way of outdated text. 

     I divide up our school year into 4 month terms.  Every term, for Geography, we study one region of the United States and one foreign country.  My preferred approach to all subjects, other than Math and, to some extent, Writing/Grammar, is to use living books.  Sometimes it is difficult to find well-written, engaging books for our Geography studies.  That is why I am so thrilled that this series is being brought back!!  

     Titles that I believe are now back in print are:  This is…..San Francisco; Venice; Ireland; Paris, Texas, Edinburgh, London and New York. 

     Out of print titles, which would be available from many used book dealers, are:  This is…..Rome, Israel, Munich, Historic Britain, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Cape Kennedy, Greece, Cape Canaveral, the United Nations.  Some of these out of print titles are readily available, and some are rare and quite pricey!!

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