Personalized Harvest Pumpkins

I love decorating my front porch for the harvest season.  We planted two patches of ornamental pumpkins this year, just so we’d have plenty to decorate with.  The Lord is sure blessing our efforts!  We have about a dozen little pumpkins already, and the vines are still loaded with blossoms!

One of my favorite porch accents is pumpkins!  Here’s a neat idea to do in your garden now to personalize pumpkins for your family and friends.

When the pumpkins are still quite small, maybe about 3″ – 4″ tall, take a pocket knife and carve into the outer shell of the pumpkin.  You can carve the names of the members of your family; or, if you are very artistic (or very brave!), you might even try a simple drawing.  If we have as many pumpkins as we think we might, I will have pumpkins carved not only with all of our names, but also with “Harvest” and “Fall”.  I may even try a simple cabin on one!

You want to carve fairly deeply into the shell and write your letters as large as you can and still fit the name onto the little pumpkin.

As the pumpkin grows, the fruit will scar over your cuttings and your carvings will GROW!!  By the time the pumpkin is mature and orange, your carvings will be quite large and the scars will be brown and quite visible.  The one you see here for “Dad” was carved just a couple of nights ago.  The letters should have been done MUCH LARGER and should have been done further around the pumpkin!!  Here’s “Mom”‘s pumpkin.  Again, we should have made the letters almost as high as the pumpkin is tall, and stretched them at least half way around.   Don’t worry if the letters aren’t symmetrical or quite as neat as you’d like, the fruit will grow and the imperfections will diminish as it grows and stretches your carving.

And here is Dani’s!!  Her’s was carved about a week ago when it was very small!  See how the writing is stretching out?

What fun we’ll have decorating with our personalized pumpkins this Fall!!

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