Internet Shopping (The Homemaker’s Servants)

     The computer and internet shopping can be great servants to the homemaker.  With the ability to make price comparisons with just the click of the mouse, and with the price of gas being over $3.00/gallon in our area, internet shopping can even be quite economical.  I put my computer and internet shopping to work for me this morning!  (She rises while it is yet night….. and provides portions (duties) for her maidens, Proverbs 31:15.)

     My 7 year old son is blessed with Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD, OCD and several other God-given traits that make me love him very much.  We’ve had wonderful success in helping make his days more productive and happy with some great vitamins.  However, since he needs to avoid artificial colors and flavors and most preservatives, we have to buy his vitamins at the natural foods store.  Pricey!!

     Dani, whose value to me you already know from this post, spent some time a week or so ago researching all of his vitamins and doing some price comparisons on line.  She found that, in most instances, I could buy a bottle of 60 of one of his vitamins (same brand, dose, etc.) for the same amount as 30 at the store.  In one case, 120 on line were the same price as 30 at the store!!!  (I should have added the fact that she frequently does on line research for me in my post about her!)

     This morning I spent about 10 minutes on line ordering my son a 90 day supply of his vitamins.  By purchasing a 90 day supply, I not only am assured that he won’t run out unexpectedly, but my order also qualified for free shipping.  (To avoid running out of anything in the future, I’m calendaring a re-order for the end of September in my homemaker’s planner/journal.)  Since the natural foods stores locally charge the manufacturer’s suggested price, I also saved $88 by buying online.   We found that Web Vitamins gave us the best deal for the particular products we needed. 

     My computer and Internet shopping today saved me time (10 minutes on line, instead of an hour round trip to town and back);  and money ( a few dollars in gas, free shipping and $88 over the store price).  Put your servants to work for you!


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