The Homemaker’s Servants – The Timer

Yep, just your everyday, run-of-the-mill, timer!!  This little device is my constant companion each and every day (save Sunday).  We have quite a love-hate relationship going, my timer and I. I use it for several purposes throughout my day.  Here’s a sampling:

I have a LOT of watering to do on our property here!  Copper is, slowly but surely, getting sprinklers and things installed for us, but someone still needs to hook the hose up to the drip irrigation and turn it on and off.  Since there are only four faucets at my disposal, I really need to keep things humming along all day in order to keep it all watered.  During the blazing summer heat, I have a lot of fairly young trees that need some deep watering, too.   I set my timer to remind me when to turn water off so that I don’t flood an area, and so that I have plenty of time every day to get everything watered. When it’s really HOT outside (like today’s 105), I have been heard to mutter disparaging remarks at my timer when it tells me I need to head back outside!

We also have an above-ground swimming pool.  Evaporation and wild playful boys can splash a LOT of water out!  We definitely need to set the timer when we put the hose in the pool to refill it.  We have been known to have to call a neighbor from our cell phone while on our way to church on a Sunday morning to ask them to pretty please turn the water off from our pool.

When I have an area to work on in my home that I’ve neglected for far too long, I can tell myself, “I’ll just work on it for 10 minutes”.  Knowing that I will only be spending 10 minutes on a distasteful chore, I dig right in and work really hard.  When the timer goes off, I leave off where I am, knowing I can always come back for another 10 minutes at another time.  When the timer rings at the end of these sessions, I think it’s the most delightful sound in the world!  I use these little timed work sessions (usually 10 – 20 minutes) often during the week. You’d be surprised how MUCH can get done using little 10 minute snippets of time!  Try it sometime!!!

Allowing myself a little afternoon shut – eye REQUIRES that I set the timer!  If I have a headache (my 7 year old calls them “heckaches”) or just get those mid-afternoon sleepies, lying down for a short time really helps.  BUT I can fall sound asleep if I do this, so I MUST set the timer!

My 7 year old son LOVES for me to set the timer for him to “race” when he does his chores or when he is getting ready for bed!  That cracks me up, but, Hey!  if it gets him moving, I’m all for it!  I sometimes cheat and reset the timer when I know he’s really hustling and working fast so that he can still win!  It’s truly a HAPPY sound to hear him cheer when he can turn the timer off before it rings!

I’ve been longing to get back to having some sewing time.  I think that setting the timer and promising myself 1/2 hour of sewing time each day will be a nice treat!  By using the timer I know that I will not sew longer than I have time for in my day, and I also can tell my family that I am going to sew “just until the timer rings”.  That’s especially helpful with my little guy!

Using a timer for various jobs throughout the day keeps me on track, allows me to occasionally treat myself, and helps me be more productive!!

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