Last Saturday In August

     It’s Saturday. And not just Saturday, but the last Saturday in August.  How did that happen??  I’m not sure.

     Yesterday was not a particularly good day here.  I got a call from Copper mid-morning.  He told me that he had been having the nurses at work check his blood pressure lately.  For the last couple of weeks it has been running high. Like 150+/100+ high. Yikes!!!  Would I call the doctor and schedule an appointment.
We’ve walked this road before, Copper and I.  Years and years ago, when he was really almost too young to have high blood pressure it happened.  He was in a special position at work that required some very critical, very stressful decisions to be made in a very short amount of time.  His blood pressure soared. He went on medication and remained on medication for years. As life slowed down, and after he dropped about 20 pounds, he no longer needed medication to maintain his blood pressure. Until yesterday.
I am thankful for our own doctor being available late yesterday afternoon and that the same medication Copper took years ago, without any side effects, is still available and was prescribed again.  I’m also thankful that Copper was paying attention and was having the nurses check his b.p. for him when he began having headaches.  I very much appreciate this fact and thanked Copper for it.

     I’ve been working on several projects.  I wish I could share all of them with you, but most are for gifts, and I don’t want them discovered here!  In a frenzy of working on one of these the other day, while DanI was out running errands, I tweaked my back again and have been nursing it back to health.  It’s getting better, bit by bit.  I’m hoping to start making some better progress on my projects this next week.  I’ll post a few pictures when I can.

     We have some plans for the last week before starting our new school term.  We’re going on a day trip Monday, taking the boys fishing in the mountains again.  And I’m hoping to work in a trip to the nearby zoo toward the end of next week.  Nothing big, just a couple of little fun outings to bid summer farewell.

     The parts for my dryer came via FedEx the other day and the repairman is scheduled to install them this afternoon sometime.  I will be very glad to have my dryer back to good working order. As a follow up to my Customer Service post, I am very pleased with GE, who manufactured the dryer, and I honestly believe they are trying to make their warranty repair sub-contractor fulfill their obligations.  LG has also called that they now have the parts for my refrigerator and those will be installed this week, too.

     I’ll be scarce until Tuesday or so.  God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household.

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