Well, I Did Buy Something!

Despite my mini-rant yesterday about JoAnn’s, I did buy a couple of pieces of fabric.  The one on the left is a lovely, though rather large, floral print that I found on sale!  30% off, thank you very much.  I plan to use it for this pattern.  I bought enough for the skirt, plus what was left on the bolt.  I knew I’d need extra since the print is an obvious one way design, and I’m hoping there might be enough for the sleeveless top as well.  We’ll see.  If so, a nice peach or olive cardigan would make a nice, fall outfit.

The piece of fabric on the right was an impluse purchase (on the clearance rack to it doesn’t count, right??), but it will soon be made up into our favorite apron.  I thought it would be cute this fall for back-to-school (though we homeschool year ’round!).  No such thing as too many cute aprons anyway.

I sat down last night and ordered four sample pieces from J & O Fabrics.  I’ve been pleased with the quality of their fabrics in the past, but wanted samples for color matching between a couple of twill solids and a couple of, hopefully, coordinating prints.  The prints are a cute retro cowboy kids fabric, and a classic Mickey Mouse print.  (Corin – don’t click the links if you don’t want to see!!)

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