Honoring The Head Of The Household

Honoring the head of the house?  Huh?  I thought we were “thinking homsechool” today.  We are.  Honest!

Do you, and your children, recognize your husband as the God-ordained head of your home?  Yes?  Good!  How do you show him honor in a real and tangible and DAILY manner?  What does your husband come home to?  Is dinner in the works?  Is the home in a reasonably tidy state?  Are you neat, tidy and attractive?

I’m not talking about the days when one or more of the children, or you, have been ill.  I’m not talking about the day that the washer overflowed and the toilet backed up simultaneously. I’m wondering what your husband, the head of your household, comes home to on a regular basis.  If he’s used to coming home to a disheveled helpmeet, a house in disorder, arguing children and take-out pizza yet again, it’s time for a change.

As homeschooling moms, we are aware that what our children learn at our hand is far more than reading’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic.  Are we teaching our children to honor their earthly fathers, and thereby teaching them to honor their Heavenly Father?  Are we teaching our sons, by our example, what a good helpmeet looks like?  Are we teaching our daughters how to honor and esteem their future husbands?  Our examples always teach more than our words.

Let’s work together, this homeschool year, toward four goals.
1 – Engage your children in a 5 minute tidy of the house in the hour or so before your husband is due home. Everyone works like mad for five minutes picking up toys, books, etc. If your household has fallen into sad shape over the summer, start working on getting it back under control; but in the meantime, straighten up the areas where your husband enters your home, the area where he is most likely to sit and relax after working all day, and your master bedroom area.
2 – Let’s take a few minutes before our husbands are due home to change into clean clothing, brush out and arrange our hair, freshen our make-up (if your convictions allow), and to spritz on some fragrance.
3 – Let’s be sure to plan ahead so that dinner is at least well-planned, if not already well under way, before our husbands come home.
4 – Let’s be sure that our children are reasonably clean, faces and hands washed, and engaged in a fairly quiet activity for their father’s return home.

I realize that this is just scratching the surface when it comes to honoring our husbands, it’s sure a great start!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!

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