So Much To Share

I have so many things I’m wanting to share with you all, but today is just…well….nuts!!!  I do want to welcome all of you that are new to reading my blog.  I hope you find encouragement here.  I also want to apologize to those of you who have subscribed for the “instant upates”!  Oh, my!!  As Corin was re-decorating here yesterday, she and I were hitting that “submit” button a LOT.  Please forgive us for all the updates that caused to be sent your way.  I assure you, that is not normal procedure!  Re-decorating is now done and I am so pleased with the final results!  Thank you again, Sweetie!!
I was gone most of the weekend, first to my second born grandson’s third birthday party and then all day Sunday for church and my boys’ baptism.  Yesterday (Monday) Copper and I did the every-other-week big shop in town.  And the thing that has  been the last straw to break my little camel’s back, my dryer is broken.
Copper spent an hour or so under the house yesterday pulling apart the whole vent pipe system and cleaning it out, as well as cleaning the tube from the dyer into the wall.  We were hoping that would do the trick.  It didn’t.  The dryer is only three months old and still under warranty, but the repair man cannot come out until Thursday!!!
Until a few months ago, a broken dryer really wouldn’t have been a problem during the summer because I had a lovely umbrella clothes line in the back yard that I loved using.  Unfortunately, in meaning to help his momma one day, the twelve year old draped a HUGE, wet braided rug over it and it snapped right in two!  Yikes!!  I’ve been trying to dry our laundry in the garage on the little wooden folding clothes rack I have, but I have fallen too far behind with the dryer broken since Saturday.  Copper has gone back to town, bless his heart, and will hopefully be bringing a new clothes line home with him.
So, I will continue to tend to my priorities here – my Lord, my husband, my children, my home and then everything else.  I’m hoping to be caught up with the back log here and be back to posting at least once every day by tomorrow.  Until then….
God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!



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6 comments to So Much To Share

  • I didn’t even think about the updates getting sent out! I’m sooooo sorry!

    The offer to use our dryer still stands!

  • I know, Sweetie, and thanks.  Dad bought us a new solar dryer and I think it’ll do us!  I’ve been missing my old one anyway.  I’ll find a reason to get over and use your HUGE front loaders one of these days! 😉

  • I hope your new dryer gets there quickly! Your clothes sure do look pretty out on the line!
    Oh, I have a question about the eprops. What are they?!

  • Oh, Kelli, the “e-props” are such a nuisance!!  They’re a very silly thing, in my opinion, that xanga does.  I think they’re more for the teens.  Anyway, I can’t disable the “e-props” without disabling comments as well and I do want to be able to receive comments!!  Just ignore the e-props thing.  It’s such a bother!

     I’m glad the warranty is still good on our only 4 month old dryer!  The repairman will be here Thursday morning.  Until then, I’m glad it’s summer and that Copper bought us a new clothes line!

  • Clotheslines are one of those things that we don’t miss until we don’t have one, aren’t they? Its so nice for me to find like-minded women on the web. The ladies in my neighborhood would look at me funny if I told them I wanted a solar dryer 🙂 aka clothesline for my anniversary lol.

  • They might look at you funny, but they’d be sniffing your blouse the next time they saw you and asking what that great smelling laundry detergent was you used!! 😉