It’s All About Discipleship

     Homeschooling is not about academics.  Did you hear me? Homeschooling is NOT about academics.  Homeschooling is about discipleship.  It’s about training your children in the ways of the Lord.  It’s about instruction in righteousness.  It’s about raising a generation that will honor Christ with their lives.

     I know that’s not what your parents (and the kids’ grandparents) want to hear.  They want to know that the children are learning mathematics and grammar and that they are learning these at the same pace as other children of the same age.  I know that it’s a hard thing to explain to the neighbors.  They wonder why your children aren’t allowed to play unsupervised with the other neighborhood kids.  But we are not to be man pleasers.  We are to strive to please our Creator.

     So what does discipleship in the homeschool look like?  We don’t need to look far for our example.  Homeschool discipleship is modeled clearly for us in Scripture.  Deuteronomy 6 tells us clearly that, first of all, we (the parents) are to fear the Lord our God and keep all of His statutes and commandments all the days of our lives.  Here comes the discipleship part – verses 7 – 9 tell us that we are to teach these things (fearing God and obeying His Law) to our children diligently.  How?  We are to teach them by TALKING to our children of these things when we sit in our homes, and when we walk by the way, and when we lie down, and when we rise.  The Bible tells us we are to be talking to our children of the things of the Lord ALL day long.  From the time that we rise in the morning, all throughout the day, and until the time that we tuck them into their beds at night.

     We are so blessed to be given the privilege of talking to our children in this way as we homeschool.  We are there to encourage them to have God honoring conversations with their siblings.  We are there to monitor their obedience to God’s law as it is demonstrated through their obedience to us as their parents.  We are there to come along side of them and teach them to honor God through their work by doing all things as unto the Lord.  Because they are home with us during the day, we are given the opportunity to share our days with them in the same way that Jesus shared his days with the twelve apostles.

     This type of teaching/conversation seems to come naturally to some folks.  Honestly, it does not come naturally to me.  I have always struggled with it.  My struggle in this area does not excuse me, though.  It means that I need to redouble my efforts and learn for myself God’s statutes and commandments and hide them in my heart, so that HIS words flow from my mouth during the day and not my own.  My own words can be very harsh and unpleasant and are not profitable for teaching, for reproof, nor for instruction in righteousness.

     This coming school year I hope, with God’s help, to disciple my children in this manner more consistently.


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