Big Box Rant

     I am so frustrated!!!  I spent two hours in my local JoAnn’s today.  Patterns in hand, I was looking for fabric to make Corin’s children matching outfits as Christmas gifts.  Mathching zippered jackets for all three, pants for the boys and a jumper for the girl.  I was thinking corduroy, but I was keeping my options open.  Also, cute matching long sleeved t-shirts to complete the outfits.

      Suffice it to say, I came home empty handed.  I did speak with the young man who manages the store and expressed my frustration at not finding anything suitable.  There are plenty of beautiful florals and such for little girls, but nothing for very young little boys.  Plenty of flannel and fleece, but I wasn’t looking to buy for jammies and robes today.  Even their corduroy selection was very limited.   

    I’ve heard folks complain about the big box stores coming into communities, driving out the little guys, and thereby limiting our selection.  I guess I never “got it” until today at JoAnn’s.  Where were the printed corduroys?  Where were the classic children’s prints?  I would even buy licensed prints if they were classics (Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine, etc.), but I really want no part of Star Wars or Sponge Bob for the grandbabies. 

    But I do have a question for any of you who sew out there, do you know of anything on-line?   I’ve foundJ & O Fabric for great novelty cotton prints, but what I’m looking for now is juvenile printed corduroy, denim or twill (classic children’s prints), and also juvenile printed interlock (t-shirt fabric).  I googled and got a million hits, which I’m trying to wade through, but I thought I’d see if anyone knew first-hand of a good place to find these things on line.   

     Thanks!!!  God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!

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2 comments to Big Box Rant

  • we have fields fabrics here and they have just about everything… I am with you on JoAnn’s and felt the same way at times looking there.  Maybe try a small town fabric shop.  Here we have a lot of great sewing places because the Amish are in a radius of us…  Sorry for your frusturation 🙁

  • Sorry you were so frustrated yesterday about your fabric woes:(  I wish I could be of help but about all I can do is sew a hem and put on a button!  Have you tried looking on Ebay??  Hope today is better for you.