Fort Building In The Home

Copper says that I need to be sure that I’m “real” with you all on my blog.  Afterall, it is unrealistic to think that my home is always in order, and that my little ducks are always all in a row.  You know what?  Much as that sounds like the ideal, it’s really not the kind of life that I would really want.  Nice as the pictures would look, the life behind them (or the life that wasn’t behind them!) is not what I want in my home.

And, so, I have these two boys!  They are 100% ALL boy.  One of their favorite ways of passing the time is fort building.  Forts spring up everywhere around here.  A hole dug in the pasture can be a fort.  Four old fence slats leaning together can be a fort.  The 12 year old even built something a bit more substantial a couple of years ago with fence slats and shade cloth.  This structure even has a covered  escape tunnel leading under the fence to the pasture beyond.  Cool!

But the forts I see most often are the ones they build inside the house.  Yep, INSIDE the HOUSE!  Late last fall, during some lingering cold and foggy weather, these forts popped up.  The older boy in the school room and the younger in the their bedroom.  As you can see, almost anything can be used in fort construction – blankets, books, toys, more books, chairs, more blankets, more books!!  They take such delight in their building and always insist that a picture be taken.

I’d like to tell you that this never irritates me.  That I take absolute joy and pleasure in these messes forts being created in my home.  I do take pleasure in their delight, but the aftermath is a whole ‘nother thing.  And so, I’m still working on it.  I’m working on my attitude with their messes fort building, and I’m working on their attitudes in joyfully obeying when told that it’s time to clean up!

As I look at the above pictures, my boys looks so young, yet the pictures are not yet a year old!!   The youngest looks like a baby, and the older looks like a little boy.  And now the 12 year old is very much a young man!  His voice has changed and he’s grown at least a foot!  My 7 year old “baby” is tall and has a mouthful of permanent teeth!  Time passes much too quickly.  It seems only yesterday that my Corin, now a mother of three herself, and Danielle were this age and building “houses” out of blankets and chairs and such.  Time is too short to sweat the small stuff.

And so, this morning, I took a picture of their room.  Don’t strain your eyes looking for the fort here.  The fort was there yesterday afternoon, but last night the seven year old took as much joy in demolishing his fort as he took care in constructing it earlier in the day.  Guess what my boys will be doing this afternoon?

Love your children!  Hug ’em for me, will ya?


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