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     Thanks to all of you that prayed for my husband’s recent high blood pressure scare. His blood pressure has responded very well, and very quickly, to the medication.  He had it checked at work on Saturday and it was down very close to ideal range after just the first two doses of medication.  I’ve asked him to be sure to have it checked frequently this week just in case the dosage is too high and his blood pressure drops too low!
He’s such a terrific guy.  I know, I’m biased, but he really and truly is.  He took us all fishing again on Monday.  Dani and I, and Dixie the lab, spent a very comfortable and enjoyable afternoon relaxing in the shade in a near-by picnic area while the guys fished at the river.  We had our cold drinks and snacks close at hand.  Dani crocheted and I knitted for a good part of the day.  We both got a lot of reading done as well. The guys joined us for snacks mid-morning and then for lunch, and then they took off in the van for a shady spot under a near-by bridge for their afternoon fishing.  The Lord blessed their efforts and they all caught several nice trout!  Unfortunately, the guys left the digital camera with us at the picnic area, so we have no photographic evidence of their success!  After tossing back the ones that were just a bit too small to keep, and lamenting the loss of those that wriggled off the hooks, they brought home five lovely trout – 4 Rainbows and 1 Brown.  Dani breaded them with a flour and parmesan cheese mixture this evening and fried them up and they were delicious!
we did our two-weeks shopping and Copper – bless that ever-lovin’ man’s heart – discovered just the right spool of ribbon to finish off my knitted lavender bags! You gotta love a man, and quite a macho one at that, who’ll browse the ribbon aisle of the JoAnn Super Store with his wife and not complain!  I wonder what the blood pressure would have looked like at the end of that, though? Hmmmm……
Know what? I really love my husband!

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