Friday September 29, 2006

As most of you know, there’s been a lot of sewing and crafting going on at my house recently.  Most of you also know that I’ve only recently been able to get back into the swing of things, craft-wise and sewing-wise.  Having a place to keep things out makes it easier to keep projects going.   I am, however, slowly working my way into the 21st century.

I have just discovered the wonderful world of Rotary Cutters and Self-Healing Cutting Mats.  Do you know about these things???  Why didn’t you tell me?????  Oh, my word!  I was cutting out my bookmarks, one by one, and the interfacing for the bookmarks, one by one.  I was cutting out all four, count ‘em four, pieces of cotton batting for each and every pot holder I was making one by one by one by one.


Hey!  With my rotary cutter and mat, I can cut out four pieces of fabric at one time!!!   Four pieces of interfacing at one time!!!!  Four pieces of cotton batting at…..okay, three pieces of cotton batting at one time!!!  It’s so cool!!  I cannot believe the time saved in cutting out fabric, interfacing, etc.  I cut out enough materials to make four pot holders last night in about the same amount of time that I could cut out the materials to make one before.  I have to confess, cutting out is my least favorite part of any sewing project.  This makes the cutting out part almost fun.

I’ve also used my rotary cutter and mat to do some paper crafting projects. Copper used his metal engraving tool to etch “paper” onto one of my rotary cutter blades so that I would not use the paper-dulled blade on fabrics.  The cutting mat has all sorts of inch, and fraction of inch, markings and guide lines marked on it, which makes it very easy to use for paper crafting especially.  My mat is 35 inches by 25 inches, and it’s a great size for me.  It fits nicely across the end of my kitchen table, which is where I do most of my cutting.

These tools are not cheap, but they are well worth the money invested.  Watch for sales at your fabric or crafts store.  Clip those Jo-Ann and/or Michael’s coupons.  Buy the biggest cutting mat that you can afford, but be sure to buy the self-healing type (mine says “DuraHeal”).

New-to-me-tools – A Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Cutting Mat.  Definitely a Favorite Thing on this sewing Friday!

Remember to pray for Karen


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6 comments to Friday September 29, 2006

  • Oh, yes, I couldn’t do ANYTHING without my rotary cutter and mat. Do you have an Omnigrid ruler? I have several, and they make the cutting-out even EASIER. I have the 12 1/2 inch square, the 6 x 24 inch, a 6 1/2 inch square, and a 3 1/2 inch square. Check them out with your *next* JoAnn’s coupon!

    Great post, as well as the potholder tutorial. I just got some Insul-Brite, to make some potholders for my girls!

  • Barbieheart – Well, I guess I’m not quite ready for the 21st century afterall.  Omnigrid rulers, huh?  I’ll have to look for those at JoAnn next time I’m in there.  I did use my metal ruler as a sort of straight edge along the side of my template (after shaving the first template too many times).  I’m all for anything that will make cutting easier and faster.    Thanks for the tip!

  • I just found out about these things a few weeks ago from my Mother-in-law!!! Now, I have to say that I am hooked!

    Jennifer R. in MS

  • Hi there, Kristi Gregg again.  See, I have rotary cutter, mat and I’m pretty sure the Omnigrid ruler!  See I’m ready to be your student – we have to chat!!  I’ll be sure to seek you out tomorrow…  🙂

  • Uh, I don’t know why I used the word see so much….  Too excited I guess….. :]

  • heeheheehee….Kristi!  You wouldn’t believe how many times I have to edit my posts before I actually put them on line.  I SO often do the same thing with a word.  It just sort of gets stuck!!!  We’ll be there tomorrow.  In fact, we’ll be hanging out with some of the other gals for a chat while the guys have their men’s meeting.  Any chance you can hang around??