Monday September 11, 2006

      9/11/01 – Phone rings, early morning.  It’s Corin.  “Mom?”. 

      “Yeah, honey, what’s wrong?”

      “You guys better turn on the t.v.  A plane has gone into the World Trade Center.”

     My morning began just like that.  I’m sure you all remember where you were and how you first heard the shocking news that our nation was under attack.  I cannot remember, even now, without tears streaming down my face.  The most horrifying images that  I will ever see in my life were the sites of  first one, and then the second, of the twin towers collapsing; the site of the huge, gaping, burning hole in the Pentagon; and the site of the fiery crash in the fields of Pennsylvania. 

     Let’s never foget the people who died that day at the hands of an enemy.  Let’s especially remember the families of the fire fighters, law enforcement officers and other first responders who lost a loved one that day in the line of duty.  And let us continue to lift up in prayer the members of the armed forces of the United States as they continue fighting the war begun five years ago today by terrorists.

     Find a way, today, to remember.

     (The link at the top of this page is for the site that has enlisted 2,996 bloggers to remember all 2,996 victims today.  The sign up was complete before I discovered it, so I am paying tribute here in my own small way. )

    Dani has some great things to say (she was one day shy of her 18th birthday on 9/11/01), and she has a good perspective on things five years later –

     Corin’s recollections –

    9/11 – 9:30 a.m.   I know that the picture is probably not showing above, and that you are probably receiving error messages at the web site I’ve given.  I believe these problems are all caused by the extremely high traffic being directed to that site this morning.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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