Saturday September 2, 2006

    Hey, do me a favor??  I really do hate that xanga makes you sign up for a blog in order to leave comments.  They are promising to do away with that requirement in the very near future.

     But, until then, if you have created a xanga blog so that you can leave comments on xanga, but maintain your “real” blog elsewhere, will you please do me a favor?  Pretty please? 

     Make just one post on your xanga blog, and in that post direct folks to your regular blog by posting a link or at least the web address so that we can find you.  It’ll just take you a few minutes.  Most of you have different “names” on xanga than we know you from on your own blogs, and so I don’t realize who you are when you comment on my blog or other xanga blogs.  Making just that one entry post on xanga will help us all to find you at your blog.  Okay??  Thanks a bunch!!

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