Saturday September 23, 2006

Just a quick Works In Progress post today.  The Copper’s Wife and her children are going to spend the day Decking the Halls With Boughs of Fally!

I started work on the fourth of eight dishtowels for Corin.  When I stamped this one, I did the design on it twice, along one of the long edges of the towel.  All of the others have been just stamped once into a corner.  This one will take longer, but I like it.  I’m doing the pansies in lavender and purple, with the centers and such yellow and all leaves and stems green.  I’m liking keeping the color scheme for each towel at just four colors.

The fall aprons and pot holders were all started this week.  Corin’s apron and matching potholders, with a couple of matching bookmarks thrown in for good measure were all delivered to her house yesterday.  I even ventured out a bit into some fabric & paper crafting and made a little gift card out of the fabrics used in her potholders.  That was way too much fun and my mind is already swimming with the possibilities of doing more with this.

For those of you who sew and/or craft, I’m planning on a couple of little “how to’s” this next week for making potholders and bookmarks.  It took me a couple of tries to get both projects like I wanted them, but I think the effort was worth it.

I also branched out into more uncharted territory this week, by trying my hand  at making some different scents for my knitted sachet bags.  The lavender bags are filled with lavender seeds, of course; but I wanted to be able to do different scents for different folks.  I purchased some unscented aroma beads and some scented oils from Brighter Scents a couple of weeks ago.  I ordered 3 lbs. of unscented beads and 2 ounces each of rose, lemon and french vanilla.  Those all arrived this week.

What I learned – some of the oils are more quickly absorbed than the others.  For example, 1 pound of the beads and 1 ounce of the rose oil were just about right.  However, I had to keep adding beads to both the vanilla and the  lemon oil jars in order for there to be enough beads to absorb the oil.  In fact, the lemon and french vanilla beads all had to leave the quart jars and move into two quart size jars!  Consequently, I have a lot more of the lemon scented and french vanilla scented than I do the rose.  I still have one ounce of each scent of oil left over.  The next part of this experiment is in determining how many scented beads to add with other filler to the muslin bags that go inside the knitted bags.

I did get started on one other fall apron last night.  I should have it finished today.  Who is this one for???  I’m not telling, because I don’t know yet.  It will be for one of you, though!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households.


Remember to pray for Karen





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8 comments to Saturday September 23, 2006

  • Oooh! Love the aprons! Very Pretty fabric. The knitted sachet bag & scents are such a neat project. I am feeling vert inspired. 🙂

  • What creativity is going on in your home. It inspires me. I think I need to start doing some knitting and embrodery again. Have a blessed day Clarice

  • The apron and towel look really nice!  I’m going to attempt to make some sachets this year for Christmas, so I’ll be coming back to read all about yours. 


  • Enjoyed your site.  You gave me an idea for Christmas this year with the Satche bags. I have 6 teachers to get for, and I might just do a basket up with some littlte things. If you have any more ideas bring them on in. Thanks for your ideas. Have a blessed week. RUth

  • What a lot of sewing/crafty goodness!!  A beautiful apron, and I just love the tag you made…looking forward to the ‘how to’s’.  Thanks for sharing about the sachet ‘fillings & scents’.  ~Debbie 

  • You are such a busy bee!  What an inspiration for a non-crafter like me.  The fall apron is lovely!  Corin is blessed!

  • Hi!
    My sister and I went to the wool store yesterday and I got some nice lavender wool and started my sachet bags! We also ordered the Simple Knits for Cherished Babies that you recommended and it will be here Tuesday. :0)
    It looks like you’ve been getting lots of crafting done at your place. The apron and dishtowel are beautiful and I love the little bookmark!

  • The apron is even prettier in person! Thank you again Mom!