Saturday September 30, 2006

I had to laugh yesterday.  Dani was fretting and madly rinsing out the apron she’d been wearing.  Why?  She’d been cleaning the kitchen sink and had splattered some bleach onto the apron.  Now, I do appreciate her immediately rinsing the apron before the bleach ate a hole in it, but she’s still fretting even today!  Hello???  Why do we wear aprons?  To protect our clothing!!  LOL!!!  We are so smitten with all of our pretty aprons, that we are placing form over function.  I’ve reminded her, several times, of what that bleach would have done to her jeans or to the black knit top she was wearing.  FYI, the apron came through the wash, with a few very small bleached spots, but no holes.  In the case of aprons, Function comes before Form!

Things have been so busy here this week.  Way too many irons in the fire.  I doapologize for not getting a new apple recipe up each day as I’d hoped to do.  Life has a way of changing the best laid plans of mice, men, and homeschooling moms!  I’m thankful that I can rest in the assurance that if I’m faithful to the priorities that God has set before me in His Word, then I am doing okay.  Even if things go contrary to my plans.  That said,  I am looking forward to getting back to my normal type of posts this next week, Lord willing.  My chatty nature is yearning for a nice, across the Internet fence, chat!

Until then….God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!

Remember to pray for Karen


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3 comments to Saturday September 30, 2006

  • It was BLEACH!!!!  Not dirk, not cookie dough, not even red juice, but BLEACH!!!!  That could ruin all the function we got from the apron, so yes, I was worried that it would eat a hole through the apron.

      However it did do it’s job by keeping the dirk off my shirk,  I did get some on my thingers though 😉

  • For those of you who do not live with our seven year old, may I translate Dani’s comments for you?

    Dirk  = dirt
    shirk = shirt
    thingers = fingers

      Didn’t want anyone thinking that Dani was seriously typing impaired! 😉

  • Awwww!!! Poor Dani! At least you don’t have a dirky shirk!