Thursday September 14, 2006

Whatever system you use for maintaining your home, NONE of them will work for you unless you stick to it!  You must follow your household routine in order for it to work.  I know that might sound rather obvious, but how often do we look around our homes and think, “If I only had a better system, things would be cleaner and neater.”.   Hogwash!  Switching systems won’t help unless you follow your system.  The deal is, you actually have to DO to the work.  Earlier this week, for example, I looked around my home and saw the results of tending to too many things for the last two weeks other than my home.  There was dust on the furniture and cobwebs in some of the corners and….you get the picture.  I didn’t need a new system, I needed to be using the system I already had in place!

If you’ve fallen out of synch with your system, resolve to pick up the pieces and begin again.  There’s no point in wearing yourself out trying to catch up on weeks worth of housework in one day.  Simply pick up your schedule where you are now, and just keep up with things from here on out.  True confession time – I’ve not touched any of my monthly jobs for the last month.  I’ve kept up with the daily and most of the weekly stuff, but those once-a-month jobs have been neglected.   I could cancel homeschooling and everything else and work like a crazy woman to catch it all up.  I could, but I won’t.  I will simply pick up, today, where I am in my cleaning routine.  Within a month, it will all be caught up and back on schedule.

However, if you’ve fallen even further behind, or if the scheduled approach is new to you, you will need to allow more than a month for getting things into ship-shape.  As time goes by, and you are faithful to doing your work on schedule, things will begin to get more and more orderly.  For example, it may take you several days to tidy up and clean all of your kitchen drawers the first time around. But, by the second month, probably only one or two of those drawers will need to be re-tidied and wiped out, and that will probably only take a few minutes.  You can then spend your time working on another long-neglected job.  By and by, once a month will be all you need to keep those things in order.

Diligence.  Industry.  Thoroughness.  Just buckling down and doing it!  Whatever you choose to call it, stick-to-itiveness is necessary for keeping your home clean and in order.  I’ll have a few more tips for catching up tomorrow.  Until then……..

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household.


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4 comments to Thursday September 14, 2006

  • Thank you for the encourgment, I needed it. Clarice

  • How right!  Sometimes I do get easily sidetracked…it helps if I set a particular goal for myself to reach before I allow myself a reward~tea time, computer time, reading, etc.

    Thanks for the encouragement,


  • Thank you for the encouragement!! It has been rather difficult for me to stick to my routine with the searing summer heat, and bouts with the Chronic Fatigue, but now…I purpose to be diligent in my routines, and not so overwhelmed on whats not done, and look at what has been done!!!

    Thanks again,


  • You are so right!  I find a lot of times I “look” at things that I know should be done but I just think “that’s too much work, too overwhelming, etc….”   When I finally buckle down and actually DO the work I find that it wasn’t nearly as time consuming and hard as I thought.  Procrastination and worrying about the dreaded tasks are a lot of times even worse than the actual task:)