Thursday September 7, 2006

In Service Days.  Teacher Prep Days.  Field Trips.  The public, and I’m sure private, schools have them all the time.  I’m not slamming them.  Not at all.  In fact, I’m taking one today!!!!!!

Teacher Prep time while the boys play in the park.  They played.  Dani crocheted.  I knitted.  I was planning on reading, which would have really qualified for teacher prep; but I figured knitting was relaxing, and a relaxed teacher is a good teacher, right?  Little did I know….Be sure and stay tuned for the REST of the story!!!

Field Trip – Observing the final outcome of all the milk that comes from the many dairies in our area.  Wow – who would have thought that all that stinky silage we drive by all the time could turn out something so tasty!!


In Service – at Home Depot.  Buying some new fall annuals perennials for the front porch school entry.  I got tired of replacing annuals every few months, and instead bought some perennials for my front porch pots.  I took a tip from Meredith’s post at Like Merchant Ships and bought the smallest pots of each I could find, knowing that they’ll grow to full size in no time.  The only exception were the two gallon size pots of lavender that I’ve been saving up for (and was delighted to find on sale today!!).

Okay, pretty nice day so far, huh?  Well, brace yourselves, ladies, because now it’s time for the REST of the story!
We actually started out at Home Depot and had to go to another nursery for all the begonias I needed for a project at home (more on that another day).  We then went to the golden arches for lunch and then to the playground.  Scroll back up to my boys’ picture in the playground.  Cool place!!  They’ve always loved this playground.  But can you tell that it is multi-leveled where they are standing?  It is, and there are steps just at that place.  That’s important.
They played and played and played.  For two hours they played.  They had a great time.  They were having a blast in a grand game of tag with some other children when the 7 year old raced across that area in the picture, tripped and hit his left temple on a step.
I heard him cry and was on my feet by the time the 12 year old called out, “Mom!  Mom!  He’s really bleeding!!”  I got over there just as quickly as I could.  The 12 year old had his hand applied to the side of his little brother’s head, but the blood was flowing freely through his fingers, down his arm, and all over the 7 year old.  I called to Dani to run and bring me our picnic blanket to use for pressure, but another mom was there and handed me (bless her heart!) her baby’s receiving blanket.  It really was perfect for applying good, strong pressure to the wound, but it was pretty quickly saturated.  The bleeding let up enough that I got a good look at the wound, which is a good 2 1/2″ long and deep!  Very deep!
Dani and the 12 year old picked all our belongings up and threw them in the car.  My first thought was to have Dani drive, while I rode in the back with my son; but I realized that I would be the one that would get us to the E.R. the quickest.  I got her settled into the backseat with him and off we went.
By the time we got to the E.R. the bleeding had stopped, and we were quickly  assessed and sent to an auxilliary emergency unit for sutures.  The little guy was a champ and held very still for all the procedures.  Five stitches later, we finished our day with our long-awaited trip to Coldstone for ice cream!!!
The 7 year old has a pounding headache, and the stress of the day has caused his Tourette’s Syndrome to give him some extra tics.   He cracks me up, that boy of mine!!  He thinks it’s very cool that I saw the layer of tissue that covers his skull.   I told him that of all four of my children, his is definitely the “Trophy” wound.|
And now you know the REST of the story!

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