Thursday September 7, 2006

      No sooner had we gotten home and the van unpacked this evening, than we got a call from Corin.  It seems her 17 month old had climbed onto the couch and tumbled off and now cannot put weight on her left left. They assessed it a bit at home, but became very concerned when she could not even crawl on it and was quite uncomfortable with it for a diaper change.

     Not wanting to leave my 7 year old until we were certain there was no concussion (Copper is still at work), I sent Dani out the door to meet her sister at the E.R.  The same E.R. we had just left!!!  Corin’s husband stayed home with the two boys so that she could get to the E.R. quicker without having to wait for someone to come and stay with the little boys. 

     This is just weird.  We rarely use the E.R. and to have two members of my immediate family there within just hours of one another is very hard.  If you think of it, please pray for my family.  Thanks.

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