Thursday September 7, 2006

Well, we’re all still here.  Some of us are a little worse for the wear, of course.  I want to give you just a wee bit of an update on everyone, and to thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

First, and most importantly, my grand-daughter was seen in the E.R. last night, but is no better at all today.  We are concerned, and are still praying.  If there is no improvement by tomorrow, Corin will call her own pediatrician for a same-day appointment.  More details are available here.

The 7 year old is doing okay.  His head hurt very badly last night, but he awoke this morning with no headache.  God is merciful!  No concussion.  No headache today.  Just a miserable, and very sore, wound.  I am struck, when looking at this picture, at just how close he came to a nasty eye injury.   He’s getting plenty of TLC from all of us and is ready, willing and able to help me with a project we’re working on outside today.

The 12 year old, somehow in either playing at the playground yesterday or in visiting the hospital with us later, contracted pink eye.  He and Dani are very susceptible to that nasty condition.  However he is also ready, willing and able to help with today’s outdoor project, too.  In fact, he’s providing most of the brawn required!!

Dani is off to her normal Thursday outing to visit her Great Grandmother at the nursing home and to run her own personal errands, as well as a few for me, including picking up the pink eye drops on her way home.  I don’t think I mentioned it enough in last evening’s post, but having her with us yesterday was a HUGE blessing.  She was able to ride in the back seat with the 7 year old and keep pressure applied to his wound, and then was able to keep the 12 year old (who was very shaken up by his brother’s injury) busy in the hospital waiting room.  When we were sent to the auxilliary ER unit, they took my son and I right in, and she was able to take care of the registration at the desk, including paying our fees.  Thank you, Sweetie!!

As for myself, I’m doing okay.  I was exhausted last night by the time Dani got home from the ER with her sister, and went to bed around midnight.  Very late for me!!  It was hard to wind down and fall asleep, but I did!  Up early this morning for the dryer repair guy.  Yep, it’s still broken.  Looooong story, getting even longer; but we now have a reputable service company on the job.  Looks like our only 5 month old dryer has a bad motor.  I guess it happens.  But I’m okay.  I pulled out this secret weapon from my tool box and now I’m chillin’ I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty outside working with my boys this afternoon!

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8 comments to Thursday September 7, 2006

  • Oh my gosh, I’ve been away for a day and all this has happened.  Your whole family is in my prayers and I send you love and hugs all the way across the country. Take care.

  • You have been in my thoughts and prayers today and I will continue to pray for your whole family!! You must be exhausted physically and mentally and if I lived close by I would be there in a heartbeat to help in whichever way I could. I am so thankful that your daughter Dani has been there to help you. What a wonderful daughter she is! Please keep us updated!

    Sending cyber ((((HUGS)))),

  • oh my! i will be praying for you all!  get some rest and drink a java treat for me 🙂



  • My mother used to say that things came in “threes.” Don’t know if that’s true…but are you up to three yet? ‘Cause if you’re at four, my mom said that sometimes you get two sets of threes! Gotta love old wives’ tales for a laugh….

    STILL praying, love.


  • “My mother used to say that things came in “threes.””

    Copperswife says the same thing! Let’s see… Refrigerator, dryer, stitches, x-rays, pink-eye… uh-oh!

  • My goodness, but when it rains it pours doesn’t it?  Try to get some rest and hang in there.  Keep us all posted.  I really hope you all have a good day.  You certainly deserve one after all that!!


  • refrigerator, dryer, Copper’s blood pressure
    stitches, grandbaby’s fall, pink eye

    I think we’re done!!!! 

  • Forgot about the blood pressure! PHEW!