A Different Kind of Procrastination

We all procrastinate.  Some of us are worse than others, I suppose; but we all do it.  Not wanting to make that phone call.  Not wanting to tend to that dreaded chore.  Waiting to iron the clothes until the pile outgrows the laundry basket (that’s me – guilty as charged!) Lately, though, I’ve noticed more and more folks procrastinating in a different, much larger, sort of way.

As I look back over the last couple of decades, I can count on one hand the years that have not had a major complication.  In no particular order:  Two of those years I was pregnant with my boys or had a newborn.  Four more of those years I was a nursing mom.  My eldest son was hospitalized as a newborn and we needed to be very careful of his health for sometime thereafter.  The same son had asthma until he was four.  My youngest child has special needs.  Two years we were preparing for Y2K.(Ya, I know, but it’s what we did!)  One year we moved from our city home to our country home, added chickens and dairy goats to our household, and spent a lot of time milking.  One year I had a daughter involved in a courtship and then we were planning a wedding.  And then we had the wedding.  One year we were readjusting to our lives without our oldest daughter at home.

Two years we helped with my terminally ill mom.  For several months we cared for her in our home, and then did the same for my father a few months later.  For several months we tended to my terminally ill mother-in-love and cared for her until her death in our home.   We spent two years liquidating estates and tending to the last bills, expenses and tax returns for three parents.

Another two years was occupied with caring for the financial needs of an elderly friend of the family, visiting him in the nursing home, and selling his home of forty years, followed by administering his estate after his death.

Life is happening constantly!   Too many times I hear people say, “Well, we can’t tackle that this year because….. You fill in the blank – mom’s pregnant, caring for an ill relative, husband’s job change, etc.   Whether it’s waiting to put your home into order, or to begin homeschooling your children, or to learn to sew, or whatever – Don’t wait!  Don’t procrastinate!  Even if you find a year that everything seems to be falling into order without anything “big” happening, chances are the year will not finish out uneventfully.

My point is this:  If I had put off making my home, training my children, homeschooling, or anything else for that matter, the last twenty years would have been, literally, lost forever. There’s no getting the years back, ladies.  When they are gone, they are gone!  If you find yourself in anything I’ve said here, stop, drop and roll.  That’s right!  Stop, drop and roll.

Stop. Stop lying to yourself that the reason you’re not doing what you should be doing is because of something external.  Stop making excuses . You wouldn’t allow your children to make excuses like that.
Drop. Drop to your knees and ask for forgiveness (if there is sin in your procrastination), and/or ask for God’s help in getting done what you know needs  to be done.  All things are possible through Christ!  If your procrastination has been harmful to another, be sure to ask for forgiveness from that person as well.

Roll. Get moving!  No more excuses.  No more delays!

I don’t know what that “thing” might be in your life that you’re procrastinating about doing, but get going now!

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