Tuesday September 19, 2006

……The tough get going!  I’ll bet you’ve heard that more times than you’d care to count in your life.  It’s one of those, “My mom always said…” sorts of things that you came to dread in your youth, right?  Well, guess what?  As is usually the case as we mature, we find out that Mom was right!!!   Things have been tough here lately.  Oh, not horrible-awful tough, just the ordinary kind, with a bit of the unexpected thrown in for good measure.

The ordinary kind of “tough” has come from the change in the family schedule, back to full days of homeschooling, combined with the still necessary outdoor watering schedule.  Tossed into that mix is the fact that I’ve way too many sewing projects started all at once that I’m trying to finish up this week, all on top of the usual, normal, day to day things.

The unexpected tough stuff has come from my seven year old.  Remember back a couple of weeks when he split his head open?  Well, as stress will do, working through that injury and the resulting E.R. visit, stitches, etc., has sent his Tourette’s Syndrome and ADHD/OCD/QRS-TUV-WX-Y&Z symptoms into overdrive!!!  I have to admit, I happen to think that a couple of his new tics are really rather cute.  He has this one where he moves his lower jaw from side to side that I think is adorable!!  The tics don’t bother any of us, actually; and they really don’t interfere with his day to day activities.  However, the other multi-lettered conditions that have become more pronounced lately have caused him some real problems.

So, since the going has been tough, this tough gal has gotten going!   I’m looking over our diet and reading and re-reading the labels of all the food products we’re bringing into our home.  I’m working on a plan to tweak our family’s diet a bit, to help control what the seven year old eats to try to help him with his symptoms.  It will take some work, but the results will be well worth it, Lord willing.  Keeping the boys on task as we pursue getting back into a full homeschool schedule is work.  The days here are still warm, and the great outdoors is inviting.  However, through work and determination, we will get our routine back.  I’m using my trusty kitchen timer to keep me on task with the outside watering so that I don’t turn hoses and sprinklers and soakers on in the morning and forget about them.  I’m also taking every opportunity to sew, even recruiting Dani to fix all of our evening meals this week so that I can take that extra hour or so late in the afternoon to sew.

However, for all of my tough-gal resolve, I’m not able to do all of the things I am called to do as a wife, homeschool mom, caretaker of this piece of property, etc. in my own strength.  I’m not able to do anything, in fact.  In all honesty, if it were up to me, I’d just find a shady spot and a good book, pour a tall glass of iced tea, and forget about all of it!  There is also nothing to be gained from sitting around and crying over how hard things are.  And it’s certainly not pleasing to the Lord for us to ignore or whine or complain about our trials.

Remember, too, that trials bring growth, and growth is often accompanied by growing pains; but the precious fruit born from the new growth is almost always extra sweet.  Romans 5 brings us the promise of this,

“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”.

Endurance.  Character.  And Hope!   What precious fruit comes from learning to rejoice when the going gets tough!   I would encourage you to read the rest of Romans 5.   Pray for God’s wisdom in seeing what you have to learn from your current struggles.   Ask for His strength and perfect peace as you work, in His strength and will, through them.

My struggles I’ve shared here are small.  They seem huge to me as I’m in the midst of them, but they are small.  Tiny.  Minuscule.  Other dear ones are enduring so much more than I, and they are rejoicing in their struggles. Oh, what fruit they are bearing, and what I am learning from them!! I would leave you with this prayer request and a link.

Please be in prayer for Karen.  Karen is a woman I’ve only recently come to  know, but her strong faith, as well as that of herhusband, has taught me so much in the last few days.  The family has asked that no information be broadcast on the web other than through their web log here so as not to fall prey to erroneous reports.  However, the full story of their incredible last few days, along with what their future holds, is found there.  Check it out!!!   Pray for Karen, and be blessed by the incredible testimony of she and her husband.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household.

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8 comments to Tuesday September 19, 2006

  • Poor boy! Rub his head for me!

    Poor Mom! Buy yourself a mocha for me!

  • I’ve been going nutty around here since our school year began. We added the advanced math class at the junior college, which means my son has to be there at 8:50 three days a week. Our homeschool co-op is on Tuesday mornings (I teach every-other-week but his advanced debate class meets on the week I don’t teach). We haven’t even begun our Science classes here at home. We’ll do that Thursday.

    Yes, a good mocha (or pumpkin spice) latte’ is needed!

    My grandson has inherited the ADHD. My daughter is having to severely limit his diet. She sees how her brother has turned out and it gives her hope (although she wouldn’t say that to him, hehehe).

    You are in my prayers. If I lived closer, we’d have to meet for tea or coffee.

  • jump back on your horse and take charge!  I have these times too where everything seems to fall apart!!!! EVERYTHING! I am on top of it right now, but at any moment i can get bucked off my horse… hang in there, regroup and press on my friend and you can be there to encourage me when my horse is acting up


  • Mrs. Linebarger, I am praying that you feel the loving arms of the Father holding you and surrounding you with his love.  Your friend from Virginia sends her friend in California a “big bear hug!!”  Take care of yourself and if you need to, go sit under that tree for just a few minutes and then you can go back ready to face the battle again:)

  • I am doing just fine ladies, LOL!!  Yikes, I guess I gave a bit of the wrong impression.  My point is just this – Yeah, life gives us struggles and challenges, and we cannot face them alone.  But we don’t need to, right?   We can lean on the Everlasting Arms of Christ, in whom we find all the strength we need.  So while I’m working through a bit of a tough time in several areas right now, it just serves to drive me back to the source of true strength, where I should rest at all times, good or bad.  I’m just learning so much from Karen and her husband (click the link above if you haven’t already) in all of this.  Rejoicing in struggles!!   Knowing that the trials bring about good fruit.   Learning to yield to His will.  I have to admit, though, that having all of you here lifting me up and praying for me is a HUGE blessing!!  Thank you all so much!   🙂

  • Amen! I too have been greatly challenged by the attitude David & Karen have shown!  Love your post, as usual, and trying not to covet Dani!!! 🙂


  • I visited the blog about Karen…added it to my favorites 🙂  Thank you for sharing it. Indeed is it not true….my problems are so very small compared to others, usually the result of me wanting to whine and feel sorry for myself instead of getting up and with a boost from God, getting back in the saddle again!

    I really enjoy reading your blog!


  • Great post!  You have a wonderful attitude, and I hope life settles down a little for you.