Wednesday September 6, 2006

      Do you have daughters?  Have you been disgusted by the clothing available to our daughters?  No matter the age of your daughters, attractive, modest clothing is becoming harder and harder to find. 

     If you’d like to read more about how some ladies are trying to make their, and our, voice heard on this matter head to:

     There’s an on-line petition you can sign and a button (see mine on the side bar) you can add to your blog as well. 

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2 comments to Wednesday September 6, 2006

  • I’ve already signed up!

  • I am struggling with the same thing. My girls have to wear uniform for school and so many of the skirts and jumpers are short. i was thankful to find a few that were long enough. I have find a young christian girl that is doing sewing for me and is very reasonable. i was grateful to have found her. She only charges by the hour and it is less than 6.00 an hour. But I know the frustration that it brings. have a blessed day. Ruth