Monday October 2, 2006

Did you all have a blessed Lord’s Day?  We sure did!  An amazingly sweet day. After weeks of hot (well, at least very warm weather) heading into the fall, we finally got a taste of fall weather on Sunday.  The weather was remarkably cooler, requiring sweaters for the ladies and bringing back more suit coats on the gentlemen in church.  It was overcast most of the day, and in the afternoon, while fellowshipping outdoors with some other ladies, it rained!  Yes it did, it rained! We sat right outside in it, too! We had a lovely spot at some tables under a wide eave and it was just delightful.  Sweet fellowship with an old friend and some time getting to know a couple of ladies I’ve not had much opportunity to talk to before. I even had the chance to teach a young girl how to knit!

The best part of the day, of course, was worship.  We attend a family integrated church, which means that all ages are together throughout the morning worship. It’s so wonderful to hear a baby’s soft cooing, and even a bit of fussiness popping up here and there.  I love seeing grandparents seated next to their grandchildren, with the parents at the opposite end of the same row.  I absolutely LOVE having my children with us during worship.  We are there together as a family, worshipping the one true living God together.  They see their older sister carefully following the pastor’s text in her own Bible. They see me singing out in worship to the Lord, even though my voice leaves a LOT to be desired.  And they see their Daddy, worshipping the Lord in his wonderful tenor voice, participating in the corporate confession and recitations, and listening attentively to the elders and pastor during the service.

Yesterday the last hymn we sang before the Gloria Patri, was It is Well With My Soul. This is Copper’s favorite hymn.  It’s become quite a favorite of mine as well (what the man loves, I love!).  I was just SO BLESSED!  We sat in front of my friend Lisa’s family.  We usually sit behind them, which is my absolute favorite place to sit!  During this final hymn I heard the most lovely sound.  I’m pretty sure it was Lisa’s 4 year old son, singing fervently during this hymn.  It was such a precious blessing to hear his sweet child’s voice singing out, “It is well….with my soul. It is well, It is well with my soul!”  It was just so glorious to know that this little boy was as secure in the knowledge of God’s grace, in his young way, as I am.

After such a glorious Lord’s day, I’m feeling very refreshed and ready foranother week!  The weather is still cool and overcast.  I’m anxious to put the busyness of the last couple of weeks behind me and settle back into my normal routine, now that it really feels like fall!  I’ll be posting again later today, Lord willing, with some wash day tips as well as with some thoughts shared from a favorite homemaking book. Until then……

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households. (Prov. 31:27)

Remember to pray for Karen.
She and Dave have an important appointment on Tuesday.
The link to her site is under her lovely picture in my side bar.

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2 comments to Monday October 2, 2006

  • :love: What a sweet message to see on your blog! That happens to be my favorite hymn as well (I came RUNNING in from being out with the baby when I heard the first stanza being played!). We sing that a lot around here and I love that the children all know it by heart; and yes, I’m pretty sure that was my sweet Christopher you heard. Too bad you also couldn’t see his shining eyes smiling up as his mama; you’ll have to sit behind us again to do that!

    Happy Monday!

  • Sitting behind you is such a joy, but sitting in front of you I get to here your children all singing!!!  What a great dilemma to have every Sunday:wink:  I LOVE the way the children at our church sing out!