Monday October 9, 2006

I’ve mentioned before that our seven year old has some special needs.  We have no intention of medicating him, at least not in the foreseeable future.  However, we have done a lot of research on nutrition and we have found some things that help.

The first thing we did was to eliminate artificial colors and flavors and preservatives.  Not an easy thing.   You’d be surprised at the “natural” foods that contain Red Lake #10, or Yellow Lake #9,300,421.  We’ve also added in some nutritional supplements (vitamins, mostly) that are helpful for his conditions.

Now we’re back to basics in the kitchen.  It wasn’t a long road getting back to basics.  I used to cook this way all the time.  I often wonder, looking back, when we started bringing so many processed items back into our home.  I’m not sure, but as is usually the case, “fudging” a little here, led to “fudging” a little there; and before I knew it, our home was filled with far too many refined, processed, prepackaged foods.

Oh, we still cooked, mostly, from scratch, but not entirely.  I quit making my own spaghetti sauce and have been using jarred sauces.  Same with the enchilada sauce.  Funny thing is, it really only takes about 10 – 15 minutes longer to make either sauce completely from scratch.

Now we’re working back to no refined flours or sugars.  We’ve been down the no refined flours route before, but the no refined sugars thing is new to us.  Know what?  Honey is yummy!!!!  We’re retraining our palettes to enjoy whole wheat pastries (we’ve always had whole wheat bread), and learning to enjoy the naturally sweet taste of honey in and on things rather than white sugar.  We’re also experimenting, researching and learning to use things like Turbinado (raw, unprocessed sugar) and Sucanat (which I did use years ago).

Good stewardship and economy require that we use up the things we have on hand.  I will cook up the remainder of the white rice, but I won’t buy any more of it.   The same with most of the pasta.  We’ll use up the rest of our processed foods, as well as those containing sugar; but we’ll be careful about bringing anymore into our home.  We will still use some all-purpose flour and white bread flour as we will still have guests whose tastes and health requirements are not the same as ours; but we will limit the amount we eat on a daily basis.

The seven year old is trying hard to understand the “no sugar” thing.  He misses some of his favorite home made treats, but he’s also been enjoying some new ones.  Honey Butter Popcorn was a hit with him.  Oatmeal Raisin cookies from whole wheat pastry flour, sweetened with honey, were a hit with everyone.  Dani discovered an apple cinnamon roll recipe, made with whole wheat pastry flour, that was great with some honey drizzled over the tops of the warm-from-the-oven rolls.   Jello Jigglers made from fruit juice and Knox gelatine were really, truly good!  We all like Basmati brown rice better than plain white (and the smell of it cooking is wonderful!).

It’s nice to be back to completely to scratch cooking.  I’m looking forward to cooking from my old favorite Sue Gregg cookbooks, checking out what’s new at her web site, and in working up some of my own new recipes to boot.  For
example, I noticed in the bulk foods section of my grocery store today that they sell rice blends that contain brown rice, wild rice and wheat berries, along with some spices.  Hmmm……I have all of those grains on hand, and plenty in the way of spices!   Next time I make my rice pilaf, I’m going to add some wheat berries to the rice/wild rice mixture.

Cooking with the basics is an old-fashioned pleasure that I’ve really missed. I’m glad to be enjoying it again!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen.
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5 comments to Monday October 9, 2006

  • Go mom go! :spinning:

  • I had never seen the Sue Gregg cookbooks.  Thanks for your personal recipe ideas and the link to her page!


  • :sunny: I visited Sue’s site, and saved it under my recipe file! Lots of great stuff there. Thank you for this post, I have been cooking and baking from scratch, but not as often as I should, thanks for the encouragement!! Blessings to you and yours!

  • Thanks for the link to Sue’s site.  I have a few recipes of hers that are great, but haven’t been able to spend the $$ for her cookbooks.  I’m eager to explore what’s online!

    I’m also interested in what results you’re seeing in your son from the diet change.  I have an 11 yr old son who has been having some real emotional flares lately, and I’ve wondered if a change in diet might help.

  • We to are trying to elimate all white or fake stuff. Just corn syrup alone is hard to find food without it. It is a challenge but good for you for trying. I am off to Trader Joes tomarrow. Yeah !!!! Clarice