Saturday October 7, 2006

The big news for today is MY DRYER IS FIXED!!!  Finally, finally, finally!  The dryer guy came Friday afternoon and put in a new motor and it has hummed along beautifully all day.  Clothes are drying quickly and thoroughly and the buzzer “honks” (as the seven year old says) and all is well in my laundry world!!  YeeeeeHAAAWWWWW!!!!

I finally finished Dani’s retro apron and a couple of matching pot holders for her.  She said that she didn’t mind my taking so long to finish them up because, now that they’re done, she has to put them away into her hope chest.  She’s been enjoying looking at the fabric for the last few weeks while the apron was just hanging, incomplete, in the sewing nook.  There were some things about this pattern (Simplicity 4692, View A) that I didn’t like, such as closing the nick with Velcro (I used buttons!); but it is a very cute, retro looking style, and very flattering when worn.

I’m a little over half finished with the fourth of Corin’s eight dish towels.  This one has more design stamped on it than the others have, so it’s taking longer.  I’m enjoying working this one, though.  There’s plenty of variety in the colors and stitching.

I finally got my skirt (Simplicity 5463) cut out and sewn up this week.  This is a quick and easy skirt.  Not counting the time to cut it out, it went together in less than three hours (and that’s with the normal mom interruptions going on).  Next time will be really fast.  It’s cute on, too!  I can see that this will soon be a favorite, quick pattern for skirts.

It doesn’t really count as a WIP or completed project, but I wanted to show you this cute twin set that I scored at my favorite plus size store yesterday.  The green matches the green in my new skirt perfectly, and is just the right length to really make the outfit.  The twin set was priced nicely, too!  I love shopping at the plus size store!  I get to shop at the “skinny” end of the racks there!

I was pretty sure that this bag was going to be a WIP this evening, but I finished it up just at dinner time.  This is the very first ever bag I’ve made.  I’ve been aching to do one for quite awhile now.  There was a lot of fabric left over from my skirt because of the way it’s cut out, so I thought I’d use that up and give it a try.  I’m pleased with the outcome.  I think I’m a visual/pictorial learner, though.  The written instructions, at times, just didn’t make sense to me; but the pictures and my “doing” as I was reading  got it put together.  I did have to use my seam ripper once, and decided to baste in the top with the zipper the first time (luckily!).  The next one will be much easier.  The was Simplicity 9949.  (Remember all those Simplicity $1.99 patterns I bought awhile back – See?  I’ve been using them!!)

Have a blessed Sunday tomorrow!


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7 comments to Saturday October 7, 2006

  • Ohh such pretty things. I love how you made a matching bag. One can not have to many bags !!! Clarice

  • Your projects look great!  I LOVE that bag. This is off topic but I’m happy to report that I got my washing machine and dryer cleaned! woohoo!!  I’m still waiting on a part for my washer. I’m sure it will be fixed early this week. There’s been water sitting in my washing machine for 2 weeks now. It STINKS 🙁  


  • Thanks, Renee & Clarice.  You know, Clarice, I’ve been drooling over the bags everyone’s been making on line for months now.  Now that I’ve made one…..I’m glad to know there’s no such thing as too many bags! 😉

    Renee – I’m so sorry about that washer!  Yikes.  Can you drop a bit of bleach in there to make it bearable until the part comes in?  Having our laundry servants broken is no fun.  Good for you for getting the machines all cleaned up!!!

  • Woohoo! They look great! :coolman:

    Glad your washer is finally fixed too! 🙂

    Renee, do you (or someone you can beg/borrow/steal from?) have a wet/dry shop vac? You can suck the water out of your washer with that.

  • I noticed your stylish skirt and bag at Church today and thought to myslef, “wherever did she get that great matching skirt and purse?”.  Well now I know.  You looked marvelous today dear :o)



  • Howiesgal – :shysmile:   It was fun having a new outfit for very little cost!  I’ve had that fabric pre-washed for months and the purse was a bonus made from the left-over fabric!   My husband teased me a LOT yesterday about my matching bag! 

    Ang – I’ve drooled over the fabulous bags you’ve been making and just decided to dive right in there and make one.  I’m so glad I did, though the first time I tried to put in the top with the zipper in it was a disaster. :wha:   LOVE my seam ripper.:wink:  I still have quite a few, good-sized pieces of that fabric left.  I think I’m going to give making some accessories for the purse a try – make up bag, tissue holder, etc.