Tuesday October 10, 2006

The Internet can be a great resource for finding the help you need for a special needs child.  It can also be a source of great discouragement.  I will say that I have found more discouragement than help!

However, there are some wonderful resources that I have found (some my older daughters have found for me), and I will share them here for any that might need them or want to check them out.

HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has recently added a section for homeschoolers with special needs.

Corin just gave me the link to ADHD of the Christian Kind, and it is a treasure trove of useful articles, helps, charts and Bible studies for parents of special needs kids (ADD, ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s), as well as for adults with these conditions.  I’ve just begun to dig into their site, but within minutes of first clicking the link, I knew that these folks not only understood children like my son, but they loved them, too.

When we first discovered that we had a child with Tourette’s, we were greatly encouraged by the TSA web site.  We found encouragement, great resources and just a great place to send family members for information.  If you’re curious about Tourette’s, check it out!

I’ve mentioned Sue Gregg’s cookbooks in a previous article, and there is a lot of good information there on healthy eating when you need to eliminate additives, wheat or sugar from your diet.  Not a bad place to go for some great new recipes, either.

Dianne Craft is featured on the HSLDA page, but I found some useful nutritional information on her web site as well.

I have also been blessed to hear Marilee Coots of Help With Learning speak at a couple of homeschool conferences in the last year.  She is a wonderful Christian Neurodevelopmentalist who really understands the heart of homeschooling parents
for their children.  Her services are not inexpensive, but I know of families who  have needed the specialized help she can provide and have received just the help they needed.  I will leave you with a quote Marilee sent in an e-mail to my daughter,
Corin.  Marilee said,

“Labels are only the names given to groups of symptoms and in no way are indicative of the ultimate potential that God has given your child.”


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3 comments to Tuesday October 10, 2006

  • Gosh have I been there! You just despise that look on some people’s face when they see your son walk into the room. You want to shout to them to give him some space as well as patience.

    My son will be seventeen next month and I can’t believe how far he has come. He’s doing better with lessons that I ever dreamed and he’s becoming quite a good fencer (probably going on for the Junior Olympics next year).

    We do still have to face challenges. We are presently trying to find his records of his original ADHD diagnosis (before homeschooling so it was a long time ago). They still exist, it is just getting them that has been a challenge.

    We have to take them to the advisor at the junior college where he is taking advanced math classes and then they will let him take his tests in a separate room. His main attention problem is auditory…he hears everything and can’t concentrate if there is the slightest sound in a room.

  • ADHD of the Christian Kind is just “a treasure trove of linguistic anomalies” 

      Sorry, couldn’t help it :spinning::fun:

  • Dani, Dani, Dani, Dani……do the movie quotes EVER stop with you??  😆  (Her comment contains a quote from a very funny Sly Stallone movie, yes, I said very funny Stallone movie, called Oscar.)