Wednesday October 11, 2006

Homefire asked in the comments for my Back to Basics Cooking post about the results we were seeing with my son.  The results have  been so phenomenal that I decided to answer her here, rather than in the comments.

We began removing as much sugar as we could from the seven year old’s diet on a Monday, a couple of weeks ago.  We were pretty vigilant about watching for hidden sugars all week, though I know we missed some.  We used honey when a sweetener was called for, or crystalline fructose (which we are now also discontinuing).  Dani and I were pretty sure that we were seeing some good results with his ADHD, but we weren’t certain.

However, on Friday evening of that same week, the men at our church were having a campout nearby.  Copper wasn’t able to attend the full event with our boys due to work, but he did take the boys for a bit of fellowship on Friday evening.  They were gone less than two hours.

My son came in the back door like a whirlwind!!!  I kid you not!   In the two hours he had been gone he had hot chocolate WITH marshmallows AND a chocolate chip cookie.  Aaaaccckkkk!!!!!  The rest of Friday evening and all day Saturday were remarkable.  He was so ACTIVE and LOUD and just nonstop energy!  It was such a wonderful reinforcement that we were definitely on the right track with his diet!  It was almost as if he overreacted to the amount of sugar he’d had (though it was a LOT in a short amount of time) because he’d been away from it for several days.

So, needless to say, we are continuing with the
no refined sugars and flours  plan at home.  We’re not going to change the way we order for him in restaurants (other than NO soda pop!), and he will continue to (gladly!) eat whatever we are served when we visit in other folks’ homes.  One of my goals for him, in the long run, is to be able to manage his behavior even when it is chemically induced.  He’s no where near ready for that challenge at seven, of course, but I also want him to learn to be a courteous and thoughtful guest in other’s homes, too.

Oh!  And I’ve lost six pounds so far without even trying!


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12 comments to Wednesday October 11, 2006

  • Poor boy! That much sugar would turn anybody into a whirlwind! :laugh:

    Woohoo on the weight loss too! :coolman:

  • :There’s sugar in chocolate chip cookies:wha:????  At least I waved him off of the Hershey chocolate bars.:wink:

    Oh….about the six pounds…..I think I found it:whocares:.  I’ll give it back to you whenever you would like :wave:

  • Congrats on the weight loss. I had an experiecne like your son did once. I quit eating sugary stuff and drinking sodas for 5mo when I was preggy with ds1. When Christmas came along, I had some candy and a coke at the Christmas party at work. I literally FELT the sugar hit my system. I got all shaky and jittery and hyper. I can’t even imagine what your son has to deal with.

    Praying you can find more ways to help your son. He sounds like a really sweet boy.

  • McBarger/Copper – :heartbeat:You are too funny, my love!  I do appreciate your waving him off the chocolate bars.  I can only imagine what that Saturday would have looked like with one of those on board, too!  :rolleyes:  And about that six pounds, my dear, I don’t see a bit of it on you; but if you decide to lose it, please do not throw it back my way!

  • Mrs. Copper’s Wife,

    I so appreciated your post of Tuesday (re: judgmental, etc). My son is 29, and wasn’t even diagnosed with Asperger’s until two years ago. His growing up was a nightmare at times with others “looking on” and “looking down.” I feel so badly because I didn’t understand for so many, many years that he did those things because he was wired differently. Yours was a great post to encourage those with “normal” children how to see others.

    Wow!! Six pounds–congrats!

  • Barbieheart – My heart goes out to you and your grown son.  You can’t kick yourself, though; I’m sure that you did the very best you could with the circumstances in your hand at the time.  Like I said, God knows what He is doing when He places these children in the families that He does.  How are things going for your son now?

  • Hello!  Thank yo for leaving the kind well wishes on my blog!  (And I’m excited that I’ve found a wonderful new blog to read!)

    My neighbor has a daughter that they’re doing no/low sugar/flour for.  I think her daughter was diagnosed ADD (I didn’t get to read your son’s background), but it’s made a world of difference!

    And congrats that you’re seeing a difference by eating differently too!! 🙂

  • Mrs. Copper my brother was quite hyper as a child. If he had something with red dye in it you could literally watch the change come over him 😮  Remember when benadryl was a prescription and a liquid??? I took it and fell right to sleepm. My brother took it and was climbing the walls lol. Congrats on the success you are having with your son. As he grows he will learn to make wise food choices based on how it will affect his behaviour. That will be such a boost of confidence for him to know he has some “control”. Kudos for your weight loss :goodjob:

  • Sorry! I didn’t realize zanga was signed in on my daughter’s id(vballchicka2010) when I left a comment. :rolleyes:

  • Renee – LOL!!!  I was wondering who that was!!  I frequently end up leaving comments with Dani’s picture on them before I realize our computer is signed in with the wrong account!!!  :laugh:

  • Thanks for the answer.  I am really struggling with this.  I *DO NOT* want to have to learn how to cook all over again, and I quail at the thought of trying to de-sugar our family, but I am starting to feel like I really owe it to my son to try it.  But it just sounds so very impossible!!!  WAH!  Have you had problems with attitudes in the rest of the family, being deprived of their goodies?  Also, we have potluck at church every Sunday–if being off sugar through the week just makes it worse then, is it really worth it?  sigh.

  • Homefire – Your situation sounds very similar to mine.  I knew in my heart, for months, that getting the sugar (and other refined/processed foods) out of my son’s diet was going to be a huge help for him.  But I didn’t wanna do it.:mad:   I liked the way we ate.  It was healthy, for the most part, but we did enjoy our baked goods, etc.  We do still have a bag of Dani’s Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies in the freezer for my husband and older son to munch on.   Would that be helpful in your family? 

    Our church has a potluck every Sunday, too!  Fun, huh?  We just have been really trying to watch what the seven year old puts on his plate when he goes through the line.  Last week we totally blew it and he ended up with Jello!!  We will allow treats for special occasions (birthdays, and such) and will just deal with the consequences after the fact. 

    I will say that my husband is, generally, pretty easy to please at meal time.  Whole grains and such are fine with him (but he does snatch those frozen cookies a lot!).  He’s hoping to lose some weight, too, though, so I would imagine he’ll be paring back on the sweets anyway.

     The only thing that we’re working on still tweaking to everyone’s tastes is our Sunday morning breakfast.  We generally have a coffeecake or muffins.  We just need to find enough whole grain/ sugar free coffee cakes and muffin recipes to give us some variety.  We’ve tried three different recipes so far, and one was a hit and the other two a miss and a maybe.  What does your husband think about trying something new?

    I would suggest, after talking to your husband, of course, to just spend some time doing some research.  You might start with some of the web sites I listed the other day (Dianne Craft, Sue Gregg, etc.) and see what you can find.