Saturday November 4, 2006

I’ve just a few things to show this week.  The one Christmas project I’ve completed turned out great, and I’m hoping the recipient will be pleased as well.  Here are my non-Christmas gift projects from this week.

I finally made my own fall apron!  I made the one for the drawing weeks ago, but mine has been languishing on the shelf.  It was no sooner off the machine than Dani had it on to fix dinner last night!She made a wonderful chili with ground beef and wheat berries, and a whole wheat cornbread sweetened with pure maple syrup.  Yummmmy!

I have a good start on this great Thanksgiving fabric apron, too.  The binding is applied to the apron body and one of the apron ties.  I need to bind the other tie, the neck band and the two pockets and then  put it all together.  I LOVE this fabric!

My knitted monogram pillow is coming right along!  I have just 40 more rows for the other half of the back side, and it will be finished.  The “L” is, of course, the front, and the two back pieces fold over to make an envelope for the pillow.  I purchased the pillow form for it at Jo-Ann yesterday.  Get this – one 16″ pillow form was $5.99, or a two pack for $6.99.  Same exact pillow form.  Hmmmm……since I’m planning on making some more knitted pillows, I gladly picked up the two – pack for just a buck more.  Thus continues my serious love-hate relationship with Jo-Ann Super Stores.  In the future, I will be making these pillows on circular needles, though.  Thanks to my friend Kendra for the good advice on that.  This cotton pillow is getting very heavy on the long, straight needles.

It’s with a great deal of humility that I show you this as a Work In Progress.  This Proverbs 31 counted cross stitch has been a WIP for years.  I can’t even remember how many years, it’s been so long.  Dani’s guessing 14 years, and she may very well be right.  Corin, any idea?  The fact that the printed price on the Leisure Arts pattern is $2.50 is pretty telling, no?    I pull it out from time to time and work on it and then it gets put down and forgotten for a time.  I pulled it out again last night, and now I remember how much I love doing counted cross!  I have all the individual verses worked.  What’s left – finishing the outlines between the verses, finishing the double block border all around the design (you can see a single row of this at the very top), stitching the top, title part of the design, and then the large picture that makes up the entire bottom of the work.  I am NOT going to let this get back into the nether reaches again.  I’m keeping this one out and in the works.  It might not get a lot of attention between now and Christmas, but it won’t ever be put away.

I did order the patterns for Dani’s embroidered dish towels.  She picked out a very whimsical Alice in Wonderland set from Pattern Bee.  She knows that I’m not going to even begin these until after the first of the year, but I ordered the pattern now.  She’s still deciding if she wants the entire set done in red work, or if she wants them stitched in full color.  Weigh in on this in the comments section and help her make up her mind!  You need to know that this girl love, love, LOVES red, so it’s going to be a hard choice for her.

Another funny family story – Dani pulled out her dishtowels last night to count them.  Corin had eight, if you remember.  Dani was sure that she didn’t have that many.  Guess what?  She was right!!  My poor Dad, in dividing up the towels my mom had meant to make up for my girls, somehow miscounted and got 8 towels into Corin’s box and only 6 into Danielle’s.  Oh, he’d just be mortified.  Truth be told, he was the sort of man, the instant something like this was discovered, that would head immediately out to his truck and drive up to WalMart to buy Dani two more.  I’ll be doing just that myself!  Just not today.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households.
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!

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20 comments to Saturday November 4, 2006

  • Hmmmm… I’m wondering if the project you completed was with some of that fabulous yarn that I didn’t see you had 😉

    Of course I wore the new apron right away, I had to make sure it worked right!

      And,despite my love of all things red, I am leaning towards having you do the towels in different colors…although red is great…but color is fun…but I really love red…  Ugh!  I am torn.  I would be happy for other peoples input 😀

  • Dani-girl – Hmmm….some of what fabulous yarn that you didn’t see I had?  I’m all astonishment! 😉

  • Yarn?  Did you have any fabulous yarn in gorgeous shades of green and red?  I don’t remember seeing them!:laugh:

  • Yarn?  Green yard?  Red yarn?  I don’t remember any yarn. 

  • Sounds like you two are spinning “yarns”.  I think you two are as-“skeen” for silly comments.  You never know what “knit”-wit may leave a “pearl” of wisdom on this blog.

  • :love:  My husband reads my blog!!!  And he comments, too.  Oh, be still my beating heart :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

  • 😆

    I leave for 1 day and you guys get to being silly without me!  😥 

    I think that one project is AT LEAST 14 years old, but I’m thinking closer to 16.

  • Hey, Corindy, you snooze you lose!

  • ROFL…. cute comments.

    Thanks for showing your WIP’s and completed projects. It has inspired me to break out an old cross stitch (printed) that I have had for 10 years. It was going to be a gift for my MIL.


  • I just love reading your comments! It always makes me want to come for a visit! :0)
    The apron looks great! I’ve been getting lots of use from my fall one, I need to make a Christmas one soon.
    I can’t wait to see your pillow all finished. It’s so pretty!

  • Hey!  I can date that Proverbs 31 sampler for you!  When we were engaged (c. 1990), Andy made it for me!  Lest anyone think it’s a “girl thing” he took upon himself to do, he thought it would be good practice for small motor skills when he entered dental school.  And he was right!  He’s a great dentist, but alas- he’s never cross-stitched again.

    Hey Dani- when you were at my house last month you didn’t venture inside… I have a red dining room, painted for me by Mr. Heyne.:)


  • Kenj – 1990!!!  Oh dear, that would make Corin’s guess of 16 years correct!  Oh my :shysmile:   Well, it’s not like I haven’t done anything else in the interim!  I was sharing it with some of the gals this afternoon as we watched the children play, and I was pointing out how many mistakes I’d made in it when I first started it!  Yikes!  I think this was my first counted cross stitch and I think I was discouraged at my mistakes and that’s why I set it aside.  Whatever!  I’m going to finish it now!   I think it’s very cool that Andy worked the design for you!

  • Kelli – You’d be welcome here, anytime! 🙂

  • All of your projects are coming together wonderfully!   :sunny:

  • I was right!  :fun: :spinning: :sunny: :coolman:  Thanks Mrs. F! 

  • I have that Proverbs 31 cross-stitch completed and hanging on my bedroom wall. I finished it in 6 weeks 18 years ago when I was on bed-rest in my pregnancy with Ben. When I was pregnant with Gracie and on bedrest for 10 weeks, I started another picture…Noah’s Ark. It is still in my closet, not completed. 🙂

    I may have missed it, but where did you get the pattern for the monogrammed knit pillow? And when are you going to come visit me? I am thinking about having a big book sale before Christmas; would that be an incentive?


  • Carmon – I am so humbled by how old my cross stitch really is.  sigh….it really doesn’t seem as though I’ve worked on it all THAT long!  🙁

    The knitted pillow is from the book, Simple Knits for Cherished Babies available here
    There are several really great projects in this book!! 

    I’d love to come visit you, or even meet you somewhere for a mocha or something.  But, oooooo a book sale….well, now you’re talkin’!  😉

  • Hey!  Can I get in on the book sale?  I bet Lisa and Heather and Jen and Wendy and… oh goodness, EVERY woman at church would like to go too!  Sort of takes the intimacy out of your little coffee time, though, doesn’t it???


  • Hey, Carmon!  Can I bring all those ladies (mentioned in Kenj’s comment) to the sale?????  You and I haven’t talked since Copper and I really and truly joined a reformed church.  I’m still grateful for the bit of time that your husband spent talking and e-mailing with mine about our decision all those many months ago. 

  • I would love to have you all come…Kendra, I never emailed you back weeks ago as I had so many things going on then, but if you and some ladies would come all this way for a book sale, I will be happy to let you in on it! I am still figuring out the details, perhaps a homeschooling get-together with my friend Jennifer Steward.

    Mrs. Copper, I would love to hear all about it. The mocha and visit are totally unrelated to trying to sell you books :-).