Tuesday November 7, 2006

I’m still here, but I’ve been very busy taking care of my home and family.  Dani is at her sister’s house this afternoon.  Corin, as most of you know, is expecting her fourth child.  On top of normal pregnancy nausea, she’s experiencing a very bad migraine headache today.  Dani is there to watch the three little ones and allow her sister some quiet rest time.  Pray for Corin, as you think of it.

As busy as things are here, I did take time to vote today.  Did you?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households.
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!
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6 comments to Tuesday November 7, 2006

  • Oh, I will definitely keep Corin in my prayers. I got *two* migraines last Wednesday and know how awful they are. I’m so glad to hear that Dani is helping her out. She is a sweet sister.

  • Poor Corin. Those are not fun. Good for you that you voted. 🙂


  • Thanks for praying everyone!  I regained conciousness around 5 o’clock

    Then hurried up with dinner so I could go vote! :coolman:

    Dani, meet me early on Thursday, you seriously deserve a mocha!

  • migraines … NOT FUN! I have only had abour 4 in my lifetime, but ONE is enough for 300 lifetimes!  Get better Corin and rest!:sleepy:

  • My daughter is expecting her fourth child (due date is her dad’s birthday in April). She has also been trying to get over the nausea and overall fatigue. It’s harder with three little ones around, isn’t it?

    She had what we call a “sick headache” last week. It’s like a migrane with the headache and nausea (and sensitivity to light) but it is caused by weather changes.

    Hmmm…I know we aren’t talking about the same young woman here. 🙂

    I pray for health for your entire family!

  • Brenda – How wonderful that you’re daughter is expecting her fourth child as well.   I’m sorry for her headache, though.  We’ll have to keep in touch as April draws nearer! 🙂