Tuesday December 19, 2006

About 20 years ago, Copper and I bought a string of  Christmas bell ringers.  We hung them proudly on our Christmas tree that year, and thought we’d enjoy many evenings of listening to them play through their repertoire of about 30 Christmas songs.  Wrong.

Every time the bell ringers would play, our poor dogs would howl mournfully.  At first we laughed, but then we realized that the bells really and truly did hurt our dogs’ ears.  And so every year we’d admire the bell ringers in their box, but did not hang them up.

Two Christmases ago, we tried it again.  The old dogs were, sadly, no longer with us.  Perhaps our new lab puppy would tolerate them better.  We tried, and she did.  Yeah!!!!  The string consists of eight different bell ringers, each with a bell on either side of him.  The bells are all different notes.  The ringers turn from side to side to hit their bells.  This can be quite comical on the faster tunes where one poor ringer might be striking his bell, or bells, quite often.  My seven year old LOVES these bell ringers and they get played at least once a day.  They are hanging on the garland over the bookcases in the school room.

Dani took this picture of the ringers in action for me the other day.  You can  see from the blur that they move quite quickly.  However, I thought that a video clip of the ringers might be fun.  Dani shot the video for me this morning. What I wasn’t counting on were the ham and cheese balls that are my sons getting involved.  I could have had Dani reshoot the video for me, sans boys; but you know what?  I laughed hysterically when they showed this to me.  Enjoy my Christmas ham and cheese balls!

The quality of the sound is awful.  The ringers are actually qiute pleasant sounding in real life.(As always, this video is copyrighted by ME and permission is NOT granted for it to be copied or used by anyone for any reason without express written permission from Copper’s Wife.  Thanks!)

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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