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1. She will suddenly break into Flamenco dancing.

2. She never lets me drink alone (at Starbuck’s)

3. She always volunteers to hold back my hair for me when I’m violently ill.

4. She is never intimidated by trying out a new craft pattern.

5. She makes the best potatoes supreme.

6. She can carry on a conversation with movie quotes

7. She enjoys Martha Stewart as much as I do, and we both agree that Martha lied.

8. She helps me find clunky shoes, she’ll often tell me “I saw some ‘Dani’ shoes at _______”.

9. She always cries at the same part of Homeward Bound no matter how many times she has seen it. She doesn’t even need to be in the same room anymore, she just knows. “He was too old!”.

10. Her love of books

11. That she enjoys <GASP> Kenny G, John Tesh and Ottmar Liebert.

12. She laughs at the end of Sense and Sensibility when Elinore starts sobbing because Edward did not marry Fanny.

13. She lets me “Use your judgment” at the grocery store.

14. As she is cooking dinner she’ll yell out “Which it will be ready when it is ready!!!” ~ Killick from Master and Commander 

15. She can multi task! I have often seen her drive while drinking a mocha, talking to my dad on the cell phone, with an occasional swing of her right hand into the back seat all at the same time. How does she do it???

16. She comes up with creative names to fool my brothers. For instance “Could you pick up some frozen dairy dessert?”. 

17. My mom’s long silver hair.

18. No matter how misspelled my letters were, she always understood.

19. When the guy at the feed store said he could back in our trailer better than she could, she hopped out and let him have a go. He couldn‘t do it either.

20. When she says “Whoa, I‘m turning into my mom!!!”

21. That she doesn‘t lose patience with me as I curse her sewing machine.

22. She encourages us to do our own research. It all started about the time my sister and I would harass her for the meaning of words

23. A surprise “Teacher in service day”, when she takes us all out on errands with her, occasionally ending in a park. .

24. When she surprises my brothers by taking a turn at bat.

25. When she makes the van go out of control. “Aaaaaaaah!!! It’s out of control! We’re headed right for a Starbuck’s drive through!!!!”.

26. When we used to do “Once a month cooking”, being allowed to spend one whole day in the kitchen with she and my sister.

27. The little surprises she’ll bring me from town, like a coke, or a pair of fun socks from the grocery store.

28. That she always made my friends feel welcome in our home.

29. That she always made my friends obey house rules. One time a friend of mine told my mom a bald faced lie, she was sent home. About fifteen minutes later she showed up very apologetic and asking for my mom’s forgiveness.

30. Watching her take the tomato worms off of the tomatoes in our garden. “Eeeew mom, that’s gross!”.

31. She would threaten to confiscate all my toys and books that were scattered across my bedroom floor if I did not clean it up. She then went and did it!

32. We owned a long handled wooden spoon and I was half of the reason it had a curved handle. Thank you mom!

33. She makes the best apple butter.

34. She always let my sister and I have her old makeup to play with.

35. She can, can. I’m talking’ in massive quantities.

36. She was a Raiderette when she was a girl.

37. She used to make and sell hair barrettes.

38. She likes to shoot her dad’s old .22

39. She was an only child.

40. She sometimes breaks into random old commercial jingles.

41. She has been to Europe.

42. She sold Tupperware!

43. My mom used to have the Princess Diana hair cut, before it was popular. I think Diana got the idea from my mom 😉

44. Her cure all for anything that ails you between the hours of 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. is “Take two Tylenol and go back to bed.”

These next six are by my two brothers            

45. She lets us build forts out in the field.

46. She helps me do things.

47. I like it when she makes us German pancakes.

48. I like it when she lets us be couch potatoes

49. I like it when she lets us do things out of the ordinary.

And number fifty contributed by Vilhelm

50. I like it when she makes us rainbow pagodas (his favorite pasta)

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