Friday January 5, 2007


#1  She loves the Lord

#2  She loves her family

#3  She decided to give homeschooling a try “just until a space opens up in the public school” for her 2nd daughter after we pulled out of a private school (neither of us went to public, or back to private school, and our brothers have been homeschooled their entire lives)

#4  She allowed me to live 26 years despite frequent threats of “I brought you into this world, I can take you right back out!”   (if you saw the home videos, you’d wonder how I managed to survive this long too!)

#5  She’ll sit and listen quietly to a discussion, despite have strong opinions on the matter until someone asks “So what do you think?”, then she’ll let them know, occasionally passionately, but never rudely.

#6  She always offers help to anyone that wants it.  Even if it causes her plans for the day, or week, to fly completely out the window.

#7  She’s the world’s best advice nurse.  With answers to everything from rashes, to fevers, to “do you think it’s broken/needs stitches?” right over the phone!

#8  She took care of her mom, and her mother-in-law in her home when they both became terminally ill with cancer.  They stayed under her care in her home from the time they began to feel too sick to take care of themselves until the Lord took them home.

#9  She still offers to come with me to my doctors appointments if I’m nervous, and is willing to tell the doctors exactly what she thinks needs to be done if they say “Sorry, that’s all we can do”

#10  She doesn’t melt down in an emergency.  No swooning for my mom!  She starts barking out orders and gets a child to the E.R. or sweeps the walkway until her broom is worn down to a nub until the police arrive.  There’s always time to get shaky or cry after it’s over

#11  She can get us all laughing so hard that we have tears streaming down our faces and can’t breathe, with stories she tells at her own expense!  Not only that, but she has a good enough sense of humor that it takes forever for us to hear (or understand through the laughing) the end of the story because she’s laughing too hard to finish!

#12  She serves birthday cake for breakfast until it’s all finished up.  There is no guilt over it, no “well I only do it because…”, that’s just how it is.

#13  She’s a book junkie.  But not a lover of junky books

#14  She tries and tries to teach me to sew, even though after 13 years of trying it’s almost as hopeless as when she started.

#15  She thinks pizza is just as good for breakfast as birthday cake.

#16  Her competency in homeschooling advice is right up there with her medical advice.

#17  During my week of “We aren’t leaving this house until my children’s behavior is back in control” she sent my sister to deliver a mocha and a message

#18  She’s always willing to give something new a try.

#19  She’s just as willing to say “This just isn’t going to work”

#20  She can flamenco dance like nobody’s business if she’s wearing fake Ugg boots and a broomstick skirt!

#21  She cooks awesome meals.

#22  She has no problem with her family calling one of her yummiest main dishes a weird name.  Ready for it?  It’s Moo-bock (like a chicken)-(snort like a pig) (it’s made of beef, chicken and pork)

#23  She has a semi-warped sense of humor, that comes in really handy during things like butchering chickens, or canning after midnight.

#24   She can speak a subdialect from the area she raised us older ones in with such fluency that you’d think it was her first language   Not only that, but she can write it as well! (although that part takes her twice as long )

#25  She incorporates little kiddisms into her regular speech without a second thought.

#26  She’s in agreement that Chinese food is better cold and at least several hours old.

#27  She’s just as willing to threaten (and carry out) discipline to her grandchildren as she is to her own.  Only I think she feels worse when she has to carry it out on a grandchild

#28  She can still twirl a baton.  Although she’s hung up the flaming batons

#29  She’s one of the few people I know with children only a few years older than her grandchildren!  How many moms and daughters get to practically raise their children together???

(Coppers Wife’s son-in-law, holding his brother-in-law, holding his nephew.  Clear as mud?)

#30  She helped me practice my driving by letting me drive her to McDonald’s for a coke almost every afternoon

#31  We won’t talk about how many of my “oh… duh!” moments that she’s just laughed through

#32  She knows when the rules need to stand firm and when they need a bit of bending.

#33  She’s the queen of organizing.

#34  She combed rats nests out of my permed hair innumerable times.  (word of warning to others, don’t let your 10 year old get an 80’s spiral perm with LONG hair unless they know how much work it really takes)

#35  She made up a song to sing while waiting for a milkshake in the drive-through

#36  She took us to the library weekly with only 1 rule.  You can only check out as many books as you can carry…  Then she bought us really big back packs

#37  I recently discovered that (genetically ) she’s the reason that I like Queen (okay Mom, NOW I’ve outed you ) and stayed up WAY too late with me one night, as I instant messaged her links to their music videos, which we watched together while laughing hysterically.

#38  She took roller skating lessons WITH us!

#39  She knows when to break up a sibling squabble, and when to just let it play out on it’s own.

#40  She drove 6 girls (her 2, plus 4 foster daughters), between the ages of 6 and 12, to (my best guesstimate) 20 dance classes, plus several musical instrument lessons for several months, 6 days a week.  Not to mention other events, appointments, etc. all while homeschooling her own!

(all of us girls with Coppers Dad)

#41  She doesn’t do the “poor me” thing.

#42  She used to scare the next door neighbor (gang member, in and out of jail etc.) somehow.  It cracked her up that she could get him to turn off the blaring music, get his friends to stop speeding down the street etc. with just a glance in his direction, or a few words.  He’d always answer with a “Yes ma’am” and rush off to do it as fast as he could

#43  She “fed the neighborhood” for a summer.  All of the neighborhood children, off from school with no parents home would come to our house for lunch almost every day.

#44  She could keep all of those neighborhood kids in line, no matter what their upbringing.

#45  After I got my drivers license she’d occasionally give my sister and I cash to “go to the (local) store and buy junk for lunch”, then we’d all have a lunch of soda’s, chips, cookies, or whatever sounded good and wasn’t too healthy

#46  She’s heard “does this look normal to you?” (think pinkeye and various other icky things) more times than I can imagine, but always checks with the same calmness.

#47  She gives little gifts “Just because”

#48  She’s always willing to trade children with me (jokingly of course) when we’re both having rough days.

#49  She used to love telling me that she was making macaroni and cheese for lunch (just gag me now please!) because she knew that I’d offer to take the family out to lunch with my babysitting money instead.  She also knew that if she told me what was for lunch early enough, that I’d take us to our favorite pizza place so that we could watch The Andy Griffith Show (a lunchtime tradition for years and years and years) on the big screen television they had.

#50  We could get up in the middle of the night, and whisper “Mom…  MOM… MOM???  MOM!!!  MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!!” and she wouldn’t wake up.  But, if we lightly touched her, she would jump out of her skin and say “Don’t do that!!!  Just call me!” (she didn’t know that we had touched her, she thinks that we were just staring at her, glowing in the light of the alarm clock until she woke up )  Then she’d snooze through us telling her listen to what was wrong.   But her answer was always the same (whether leg cramps, a cough, or a bad dream) “Take a Tylenol and go back to bed”

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