Saturday January 13, 2007

I hadn’t planned on posting until early next week; but I logged on this morning to read my daughters’ blogs, and somehow accidentally clicked onto my own blog.  Hmmmm……………, I’m crediting that to fatigue rather than age!  I had to laugh when I got here, though!  My daughters continue their fun on my blog, and you all just joined right on in!!  Oh, my…this whole turning 50 thing has been a blast.  First my blog is high jacked, then my wonderful husband takes me on a cruise and then I come home to find you all aiding my daughters in their mischief!!  Too, too fun!

The cruise was wonderful!  We had a great time and would definitely love to go on a cruise again.  However, reality bekons; and real life is looking very appealing to me right now.  Would you believe me if I told you that I enjoyed doing the breakfast dishes this morning?  No?  Well, I did!!  I’m so glad to be home!

Just for fun, I want to share my favorite cruise picture with you all before I get back to my mountain of laundry.  You have to know, first of all, that the thing I always equated with being on a cruise was lounging on a deck chair, soaking up the sun, reading a book.  Doesn’t that just sound wonderful and sooooo relaxing?  I was determined to do just that on this cruise.  The picture I had in my mind was me, reclined in a deck chair, shades on, maybe even a straw hat to shield my fair skin from the sun, short sleeved shirt and skirt, shoes kicked off, of course.  Oh, and with an icy cold soda at my side.  All this while reading a good book.

So, on the final day of our cruise, after spending some time on shore in Ensenada, Mexico, and after returning to the ship for lunch, Copper and I headed up to Deck 12 to lounge in the deck chairs with our books.  Our ship was still docked in the Ensenada harbor.   Here’s what this looked like in REAL LIFE!  See you in a few days!

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