Saturday January 6, 2007

I am so  blessed!!!  My daughters completely surprised me by highjacking my blog yesterday.  I was on line yesterday morning, checking the news, reading some of your blogs, etc.  I happened to notice that Corin & Dani had been chatting already on Windows Live Messenger and there was just something about their sub-titles there that caused me to pause.  Corin’s title was “on a mission” and Dani’s was “Are you thinking what I’m thinking”.  I looked at Dani and said, “Oh no.  What have you two done?”, clicked over to my blog and about fell out of my chair laughing as soon as I heard the music!!!  Those two!!

I was also blessed to read all of your wonderful comments and birthday greetings.  Thank you, thank you, one and all!  You were all such a wonderful part of my day yesterday (and every day, for that matter!).  A special thanks to Cindy at Dominion Family and Mrs. C (known here as butterflymommy) for the birthday greetings posted on their blogs.  I was so surprised when I saw them there.

Reading over my daughters’ 50 things lists was such a fun thing.  I laughed, and I cried.  So many, many memories came flooding back as I read over their lists.  I laughed until my sides hurt reading Corin’s #50.   In fact, I laughed until I cried EVERY time I read it yesterday!  It’s SO true!  Oh, my…..  I read about things they mentioned from the days before I knew the Lord.  And my heart sunk into the pit of my stomach, even though it has been almost 10 years, about the afternoon that I swept our front walk until my broom was nothing but nubs while waiting for the police.  You see, that was the late afternoon that my Dani, then a young teen, was almost abducted with another young neighbor girl by a van load of teenage boys on our very street as they were out for a walk.  Thank you, Lord for your constant hand of protection over my family!!  That incident was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for Copper, and we began our search for our country home almost immediately.  Such memories!

Copper came home from work early yesterday and took us all out for dinner, including Corin, Rob and the three grandbabies.  Oh, my, but Copper and I are out of the loop!  My husband, of course, normally works Friday and Saturday evenings and so our experience with restaurants on Friday nights is pretty limited.  Suffice it to say, that with a party of ten, the wait at the restaurant I wanted to go to was going to be two hours!!!!  And that was arrive at 5:30!!  No one takes reservations any more.  We were in the big city, not in the small city closer to home; so we spent a few minutes evaluating what other restaurants were close by and that might get us seated quicker.  We decided on Elephant Bar.  (here’s where the fun started!)

Corin and her family arrived just ahead of us, so Rob made the table reservation.  The manager showed him where he had one large table already empty, and the folks at the adjoining table had just been served dessert.  As soon as the desserts were eaten, he said, he would put the tables together and we would be seated.  About a half an hour.  GREAT!

Well, we sat.  And we sat.  And we sat.  About 45 minutes or so later, I scooted over on the bench next to my daughters where we could see the folks lingering at the table.  Now, I don’t want to sound rude, but the lobby was packed with people waiting for tables and these folks were just sitting there.  Half of their party had already left and four of them remained.  Just sitting.  Not sipping coffee.  Not chatting amiably.  Just sitting.

Copper left to use the men’s room, and when he passed by their table on the way back to the lobby, he said that one of the women was working the crossword puzzle from the back of the children’s menu!!  When he told us that we all laughed out loud.

Their waiter kept checking to see if there was anything more they needed.  Nope.  The bus boys tried, in vain, to clear the table of everything remaining and to give them the idea that they should move on.  They didn’t.  Wait, what’s this???  Two of the ladies got up to use the restroom.  Well, certainly this was a good sign.  Oh, no, they are taking a detour over by the open kitchen area to watch the chef’s at work.  More laughter from our end of the bench.  Finally, the manager, who was facing us while he did this, began scooting the empty second table over towards their table, while they were still just sitting there.  Another manager finally cleared away even their water glasses, and then went under their table to pick up the dropped napkins, etc.  I thought my daughter’s and I were going to laugh ourselves silly.  Now, lest you think we were the ones being rude, the lobby was very crowded, very noisy and no one but us really knew what we were laughing about.  It was just so funny seeing folks whose whole job centers on customer service having to dislodge customers from their establishment.

When our little electronic flashing light reservation gizmo finally went off, my girls cheered (yes they did, I’m embarassed to tell you), and we were seated.  We had not yet even settled into our chairs before the manager was there with two sampler platters of appetizers “on the house”.  They were so mortified that we had waited well over an hour for that table to empty.  The service was excellent.   The food was great.  And our litle ones – my youngest and all three of Corin’s children – were so patient!!  They were all so good even though their dinners were not served until well after their normal bedtimes.  What little troopers they were!  Everyone came to our home for pie and gifts and we were all very tired at the end of our celebrating.  I had to wake Copper from his nap in his chair to tell the kids goodbye!

Again, thank you, my very dear daughters, for the love you showed me yesterday, and the laughter you brought into my day, by hijacking my blog.  Thank you, children and grandchildren and dearest Pam, for the lovely gifts.  Thank you, my real life and on line friends, for the wonderful comments left for me here on my blog.  Thank you, sweet husband, for the evening out with our whole family.  And, my love, I cannot wait until Monday when we take my birthday trip together!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!

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3 comments to Saturday January 6, 2007

  • “I still cannot believe how long those people sat there.”~manager/seating host/whatever he was

     😆 I am still laughing at those people just sitting there.  Why would you sit at a table for eight with only half your party and do nothing?  You’re not talking, you’re not evening wanting anything to drink.  Nope, you’re just sitting while the lobby becomes more and more crowded. :wha:

     :yes:, we cheered, partly because when the little table reservation thingy vibrated and flashed it scared us, and partly because, well, we were starving 😀  The platters were excellent and well worth the wait.

  • I still think it would have been hysterical to tell the manager that after eating the HUGE appetizer platters, that we were full and could he please bring the check :fun:

  • Sounds like a perfect birthday and worth the wait !! Clarice