Sunday January 7, 2007

     Okay, I am seriously dating myself, but that old Peter, Paul & Mary song is travelling through my brain….”I’m leavin’, on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again”.  I guess dating myself really isn’t even necessary since everyone knows how old I am!   A BIG thank you again to all of you who have been leaving birthday greetings, and to those who have mentioned my daughters’ hijacking of my blog on your own sites!  You all have sent my site meter into a spin!

     I do, of course, know when I’ll be back!  I’ll be returning to my family next Friday afternoon.  I don’t expect to be back with all of you until the following Monday.  I’m looking forward to the trip, of course; very much!  However, I’m also looking forward to things settling back down around here.  To getting back to the routine, everydayness of life.  Homeschool.  Housework.  Quiet evenings.  This has been a very fun season in my life, but not one I’d want to live in permanently.  I’ve been reading some of your blogs and enjoying hearing how things are returning to their pre-holiday steadiness.  I’ll be there soon!

     I’m already thinking about some projects around the house that I’d like to try to get started with in the very near future.   I’ve also picked up on a couple of things in our homeschooling that need a bit of tweaking, too.  I’ve packed a notebook and a couple of pens to jot down notes while we’re gone (assuming I have enough “down time” to do so!).  

     If my family crosses your mind during the next week, I would covet your prayers for them.  Dani, of course, is a huge blessing; and we feel totally comfortable leaving the boys in her care.  However, both boys have bad colds and are just not feeling great.  Oh, how this mother’s heart hates to leave when they are sick!!  Also, Copper’s grandmother, Golda, (the young one, at just 101!), fell this week and broke her hip.  She’s had successful surgery to repair the break, but still has a long recuperation ahead of her.  I’d appreciate your praying for her full and quick recovery, as well.  Thank you all so much. 

      Until next week then!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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4 comments to Sunday January 7, 2007

  • Prayers being said as we speak. I expect pictures of you “tripping the  light fantastic” (now looks who’s dating themself) when you return!!  Bon Voyage:wave:

  • I have always liked that song. 🙂 I grew up with songs from the 30’s through the 70’s on my Mom’s favorite station. Try not to worry (easier said than done I know) and enjoy your trip. I know you will have so much fun. I am still touched at what a thoughtful man Copper is – to work long and hard to save for this. What a sweetie.


  • Have a wonderful time with your sweet husband, Copperswife! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • I sing that song every now and again, too?  🙂  Have a wonderful time!  You have a sweet family–I think you’ve done something right, lady!  :sunny: