Tuesday January 30, 2007

        “A well known Bible verse says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20). Indeed, this book is about how evil is packaged and perfumed to look good – and good made to appear evil.”

     The above quote is from David Kupelian’s book, The Marketing of Evil.  In this book, Mr. Kupelian has done an excellent job of spelling out how the media has been successfully manipulated by various radical groups to forward their agendas.  He gives straightforward evidence, including quotes from the leaders of various radical groups, to support his claims.

     I have often wondered how it is that the American people have allowed morality to slip to the depths that it has in the last two or three decades.  I’ve watched it happen, of course, but somehow never quite understood the relationship between media influence and the downward spiral. I guess I’m slow.  I prefer to think I’m naive.  Since reading this book, however, I now can fully appreciate how susceptible we all are to media influence.  From the book again, “Americans didn’t see the obvious. We didn’t see the obvious because the marketers of evil fed us the beguiling lies that a hidden, selfish part of us wanted to embrace – just as the proverbial serpent in the Garden of Eden, according to the biblical account seduced Adam and Eve by telling them lies they secretly wanted to believe.”

     Mr. Kupelian’s work covers several different issues – g*y r*ghts, abortion, the American educational system, the destruction of marriage and the family, the marketing of immoral behavior, and more.  Because of the sensitive subject matter, this book might not be for everyone.  Mr. Kupelian does quote key individuals and cite source documents for his book.  Though the quotations are not included to be sensational, the graphic nature of the hard, cold facts might be disturbing to some.  I would not recommend this book for young readers, or for those who might be easily offended or caused to stumble.  However, The Marketing of Evil is very informative and thought provoking.  I would recommend it highly if you are interested in gaining a better insight into how the American media has been, and continues to be, used by various groups to promote their own agenda.  If you understand how the offense is working, you can provide a more solid defense for yourself and your family.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!


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4 comments to Tuesday January 30, 2007

  • that book is rhetoric. living in a democracy, which america “is” supposed to be, means that each american under the constitution has the RIGHT to live life as they see fit. you have the right to live your life by god’s law and I have the right not to. a woman’s reproductive rights, homosexuality & gay marriage, freedom of speech, your right to homeschool and my right to send my children to a public school, these are all fundamental aspects of a thriving democracy. the book that you’re referencing suggests that we limit these freedoms. how is that right? you want to homeschool your kids. if you take away my freedoms, what you don’t realize is that you could also be taking away your own. you don’t have to agree with my choices. but, I do think they need to be respected, even if they differ from your own.

  • “that book is rhetoric. living in a democracy, which america “is” supposed to be, means that each american under the constitution has the RIGHT to live life as they see fit. you have the right to live your life by god’s law and I have the right not to.”  Kristi here…  I’m sorta dumb but would that mean that Charles Manson should have continued to live life the way he saw fit?  It worked for him.  He was succesful and happy and I’m sure he FELT great about himself everyday.  Sheesh, without a moral standard found in *gasp* scripture how would the the previous writer answer my question?  I love your blog and am a faithful reader and I look forward to more book reviews!  Hope my post doesn’t offend you, Copper’s Wife….

  • what does charles manson have to do with respecting the american constitution or the separation of church and state? he was a murderer. he broke the law and he went to prison. living in a democracy and being a proponent of the constitution doesn’t mean someone like myself lacks a moral compass. on the contrary.

    the point I was making was that the marketing of evil espouses a very similar correlation, which is something like, “manson lacks morals and therefore americans need to live under god’s law, not the constiution.” that is rhetoric.

    one of the beautiful aspects of the constitution is freedom of religion. you have the right to be a christian. I have the right to be a jew. etc. etc. but, my religion and your religion should not govern this nation. laws should not be written based on god’s law. they should be written based on the constitution.

    my best friend is gay. if we’re all god’s creatures, god in his infinite wisdom created him that way. he should be entitled to the same freedoms that you and I are. he should be able to marry his lover. by doing so, he isn’t infringing on our rights under the constitution.

    have you read the declaration of independence? please read this, it’s quite beautiful: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    that is the scripture that governs the united states of america and all I’m saying is that has to be respected. Every time you try to censor any individual’s freedom under the constitution, you could very well be censoring your right to freedom of religion one day, something you hold very dear to you. that’s something that zealot Christians forget and it’s very important to remember.

    the separation of church and state is vital to this country’s preservation. 

  • Oh, my!  I spend the day yesterday defrosting my freezer and find out I have quite a little discussion going here.  First of all, Kristi, you were not at all offensive.  In fact, it was great hearing from you again.

    Gratielady:  I’m not even sure where to begin.  Americans do NOT,  under the constitution, have the right to live life “as they see fit”.  We have certain rights, of course, but not to live life in any way we deem appropriate.  Further, America is NOT, nor was it ever intended to be, a democracy.  America is a constitutional republic. 

    Mr. Kupelian’s book does NOT suggest that anyone lose any of their constitutionally granted freedoms.  Have you even read this book?  The book, and my review of it, simply outlines how certain immoral things have been allowed to become commonplace in the United States through media manipulation.  I find it very interesting that you cite the fact that the rights we do have here, as outlined in the founding documents of our nation, acknowledge the fact that these rights are ours from God!!! 

    The so called “right” to abortion, is not a constitutionally guaranteed right.
    The “right” to practice h*m*s*xuality is not a constitutionally guaranteed right.  You see, until very recently, abortion was recognized as what it is, murder, and was against the law.  Until very recently, h*m*s*xuality was recognized as what it is, sin, and was against the law.  The fact that, in my lifetime, both of these things have become not only tolerated, but openly embraced, amazes me.  Mr. Kupelian’s book gave me the information I needed to understand how easily America can be swayed by the media.  You may not agree that these two things should be illegal, but let me ask, where would you draw the line?  If we can now legally murder our unborn children, will we soon be convinced that we can muder at will our elderly, infirm or anyone else that causes us inconvenience?  If we now allow same gender relationships, will we soon be convinced that relationships between adults and young children are also okay?   How about p*lyg*my?   This is the long, slipperly slope that we are on. 

    Furthermore, there is NO separation of church and state clause in the constitution.  Read it.  It’s not there.  The constitution says that there shall be no federally imposed religion.  Period.  Mr. Kupelian devotes an entire chapter of his book to debunking this myth!

    My review of this book in no way infringes on anyone’s constitutional freedoms.  You cite the right to free speech.  I am exercising my right to free speech by posting my review of Mr. Kupelian’s book, just as you are exerxising your right to free speech by commenting.