Wednesday January 17, 2007

    Have you ever spent longer than you expected in reading a book?  I have, on many occasions.  Sometimes it is a case of the book being a very meaty text, causing me to read just little bits at a time so that I can soak them in.  On other occasions, I’ve started a book only to set it aside for something I feel I need to read more urgently.  However, Finding the Hero in Your Husband was a struggle to read, from cover to cover.

     The text is not difficult to read, but the book fails to live up to its potential. While the title seemed to promise great things, I felt that Dr. Slattery’s perspective was flawed.  I found very little in the book in the way of biblical submission and how to accomplish that and way too much in the way of women using their “power” to effect change in their husbands.  I found very little in the way of “surrendering the way God intended” and way too much in the way of finding fault with men.  On several occasions I thought to just put this book aside, but I trudged on in the hopes that it would get better.  It did not.

     If you are looking for a good book dealing with the area of biblical submission to your husband, I would happily recommend both Me? Obey Him?, by Elizabeth Rice Handford and The ExcellentWife, by Martha Peace.

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