Wednesday January 17, 2007

When I was a full-time career gal, working as a legal secretary, my employer and I were fond of saying on Monday mornings that “re-entry is the hard part”.  It was so hard, in those days, to go back to work after enjoying a weekend at home with my family.  I am so very thankful to God for bringing me home full-time over 20 years ago!  I honestly never look back.

The re-entry feelings have been with me this week, though.  I feel as though I’ve been playing catch up all week – laundry, grocery shopping, catching up with the children on everything that happened while we were away, etc.  Today I finally feel as though I am completely out of vacation recovery mode and that I am getting back on top of things.  Aaaaahhhhhh…….that’s better!  I’m even beginning to make a small dent in my ironing backlog using my incremental approach.

I’ve been enjoying myself in the kitchen the last few days, too!  Remember my desire to spice things up in our menu?  Since January 1, I’ve prepared seven new dishes for my family, and they’ve all been keepers!!  Well….the thirteen year old STILL doesn’t like cooked carrots, but everyone else enjoyed the carrot casserole I made last night as a side dish.  I’m planning on another new dish tonight featuring turkey drumsticks.

I’m working to keep the boys on track, but at the same time I’m seeing the need for some small changes.  For example, one of my boys could really use some extra work on his spelling.  Of my four children, two are natural spellers and two struggle with their spelling.  It’s time to give the struggler some extra help.

It’s also time to do some re-training on some household chores.  For the most part, the kids have just fallen into a bit of laziness with their normal chores.  That’s easily corrected with some disciplinary encouragement. However, there are some areas where I see a need to re-train.  For those areas I’m making detailed lists of what I expect to be done, and then (here’s the hard part!) I’ll have to follow through in checking up to be sure that all of the details have been attended to.

Speaking of lazy, I’ve certainly fallen away from our read-aloud times!  I don’t know how that happened because it’s something we all enjoy.  I’ve chosen a new book for our morning read-aloud time (Christie’s Old Organ, by O. F. Walton) and we’ll spend some time refreshing our minds as to where we were in Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates in the afternoon and then move forward in that book as well. Man!  We were in the midst of a really good part when we stopped, too!

Another thing that I’m going to begin is to do more reading aloud from the books I’ve assigned my boys to read for school.  Each term we study a composer, an artist, a foreign land, and a region of the United States, along with our other studies.  While I assign the boys books in these areas appropriate to their ages, I find that there are always several that they are both assigned to read.  I’m going to try to start reading these aloud to both of them at the same time.  A good time might be in the slump we all hit just before lunch time.  I also need to get back to listening to my boys read aloud more often.  They are both great independent readers, but I cannot forget that they still need some help with difficult pronunciations.  I also want them to both be able to read with feeling, proper voice inflections, etc., so that they will be prepared to read aloud to their own children one day.  Using our shared books during this time will allow me to kill two birds  with one stone!  We’ll simply take turns reading.

I’ve finished up a couple of books this week
that I’ve been reading for awhile  now.  The reviews follow in separate posts.  As you can see, I didn’t particularly care for one of them, while I very much enjoyed the other.  It’s fun to be starting a couple of new books! (see my reading basket in the side bar).

Though re-entry back to normalcy after vacation hasn’t happened quickly, it sure has been good getting back to my real, and much-loved, life!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!

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