Wednesday January 3, 2007

     The everyday necessities.  Sometimes they take over a day, but they are needful things.  We had a pretty good day yesterday, reclaiming much of our normal routines for homeschooling and home.  However, this morning, several things around our little homestead required some T.L.C. and so that’s what we’ve been about.

     The chickens needed some scratch, and the sheep and goats were completely out of grain as well.  We feed plenty of good quality grass hay, but the grain is necessary for our ewes and their milk production (and baby production).  It’s really just, more or less, a treat for our dairy goats since they are not in milk.  However, they do complain LOUDLY if they don’t get it!

     Most importantly, we were out of clean, dry straw for bedding.  We keep our sheep and goats on composted bedding for warmth during the winter months.  It has served us well for many years.  However, it is key that the top layer be kept dry, especially for the dairy goats.  A trip to the local feed store has been made, and we’ll be storing the grain and spreading some fresh straw after lunch. 

     We’ve also not had any rain for over a week.  We’ve had some hard frosts, though, so I need to check our citrus, berries, orchard and vineyard to see if any irrigation needs to be done.  I hate the thought of watering in January, but it just might be necessary.   Keeping the plants, especially the citrus, hydrated during extremely cold weather is vital.  My little citrus trees are covered with burlap every night that a frost is expected.  We are keeping careful watch over our citrus trees because several of them are bearing fruit this year!  Yippee!! 

     It’s a sunny day today, and fairly warm.  We’ll be able to work outside with just a light sweater or jacket on.  I think the fresh air and sunshine will do us good, too!

     I’m pondering travel today as well.   Land, sea or air?  There are pros and cons to every form of travel, of course.  Travel by land is usually the least expensive.  However, you’re vulnerable to traffic jams, flat tires, etc.   Air travel is fast, but expensive.  By air you get there quickly, but really do not have any opportunity to see the sites along the way.  I’ve not had much experience traveling by sea.  I’ve heard that cruising is great.  But then there’s sea sickness to contend with.  On the other hand, there are ports of call to visit and the fresh sea air to take in.  Hmmmm……land, sea or air?  I do have a passport.  How shall I travel?   I’ll have to let you know what we decided another time…….

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!

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