Dealing With Dishes in The Less Than Perfect Kitchen

Well, if she keeps her pots and pans under and around her sink, and if she uses the cabinet over the dishwasher for her baking center, then where do the dishes go?




Good question!  I did, of course, still need a place for our everyday dishes.  It needed to be not too far from the dishwasher and it needed to be fairly close to the table.  The dishes ended up in the bank of cabinets behind my stove.  This turned out to be an IDEAL spot for several different reasons.

First, this is the cabinet closest to our table.  There is also a  drawer immediately underneath this cabinet for our flatware.


Second, whoever sets the table can do so without interfering at all in the cooking process because the table setter is on the opposite side of the kitchen from the food prep and cooking area.  It’s also easy to access glasses for the table.  Even though the glasses are at the opposite end of this row of cabinets in the beverage center, they are still on the side of the kitchen away from any cooking activities.

Finally, even though the dish cabinet is a bit of a stroll from the  dishwasher, the island that houses the stove in the middle of the kitchen has enough counter space so that my eight year old can empty the dishes from the dishwasher onto the stove-side counter.  He can then walk to the other side of the kitchen to take them from that counter to put them directly into the dish cabinet WITHOUT having to carry a stack of dishes across the kitchen!!

Another nice feature about having my dishes on the “back” side of the kitchen is that I can utilize that long counter to serve meals buffet style. I can just lift down how ever many plates we need, count out forks, etc., and set up the buffet to begin just to the right of the microwave.

Tomorrow, we’ll “wrap” things up with storage containers, wraps, and bulk shopping supplies  (ooooo, bad pun, but I couldn’t help myself!)

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