Saturday February 3, 2007

Coincidence?  Or God’s Providence?  The Westminster Catechism says that God’s Providence is His completely holy, wise and powerful preserving and governing of every creature and every action.   Every creature.  Every action.  It’s God in the details.  It’s been my experience that God’s providence is most often evident to me in the little things He orchestrates for my, or my family’s, good.  I’ve shared recently how this was evident in the delay in getting a message to our family doctor.  I clearly saw His hand when my youngest son was injured last fall.  But those were more of the “big”, easier to see things in our lives.

When I’m paying attention, I see God in all the little details of my life, too.  The little things that others call coincidence,.  I try to recognize these incidents for what they are – providence.  A friend’s son remarked to me last Sunday how neat it was that the memory verse we are all to learn together this week was one that his family had already been learning from a song.  It delighted his heart, and I saw that as providence.  Last Sunday, our pastor also announced that he was beginning a series on the Ten Commandments.   Last week, when I ordered the eight year old’s Spanish from The Timberdoodle Company , I totally forgot the fact that they include a free book with every order.  I was delighted then, on Monday, when the free book that came with our order was The Maker’s Instructions: Helping Children Explore and Understand the Ten Commandments!!  Providence!

Sometime’s God’s hand in my life, on a day to day basis, is harder to see, probably because I don’t look for it.    That’s why it is all the sweeter when I catch these little glimpses of His provision for my family and others.

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen! (updated!!)

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3 comments to Saturday February 3, 2007

  • Hey Copperswife!  Thanks for offering to help.  It was encouraging to see that your xanga site was actually linked into someone else’s blogger site.  What I’d like to do is link the blogger sites that I visit to my xanga site.  I do prefer the xanga actually.  I can download pictures easier. So I’d love your help with this one.  You can find me at

  • Aha!  I understand now.  I have one blog I leave comments on all the time and I do what you suggested, choosing “annonymous” and leaving my URL.  However, I realized when you said it that she does not allow annonymous comments. So there you have it. 

    I had thought of doing just as you suggested, and leaving my site address to xanga on the blogger site.  So that is what I shall do if I get too frustrated.  I will give it just a bit more time. 

    Thanks so much for your help.  Great to “meet” a new friend and sister.  God bless!

  • Oh, I so, so agree that if we were aware, we could see God’s providence all day long! Some things are just for our pleasure, some for our needs, and some “just to show His glory.”

    Beautiful post!