Sunday February 11, 2007

Boy, things have been crazy busy here for the last week or so!!!  Part of us have had colds of varying degrees, which have left us feeling less than our best.  We’ve been keeping very busy with homeschooling.  My eight year old is settling into the newer school routine now, and the thirteen year old is doing very well with his new subjects.  We’ve had some great discussions this week about needing to “buckle down” a bit more, and “ramp up” a bit as he prepares to begin high school in the fall.  He’ll still be at home, of course, but the reality of adult life is fast approaching and he needs to be aware of the responsibilities associated with that reality.

We lost one of our lambs.  The little ram lamb that I told you about last week.  Despite the fact that he was given his tetanus immunization, he still contracted that horrid disease.  Poor Dani had to use the .22 rifle to put him out of his misery on Saturday afternoon.  Many tears were shed, though she’s a great one for taking care of these things here as well as for neighbors.  We are sad to have lost our little lamb.  We are still hoping that our other two ewes will lamb soon.

I’ve been working a bit in my kitchen, these last few days, on the monthly/quarterly chores.  It’s been fun to straighten cupboards and wipe down surfaces in preparation of taking pictures to share with all of you in the Less Than Perfect Kitchen series I’ve been doing.  Thank you all so very much for your encouraging comments on those posts!  I’m looking forward to sharing the last two installments with you.  It has been almost as much fun writing about how I re-worked my kitchen as it was to actually have done it a couple of years ago.  Oh, and things have been so much nicer in the kitchen since it was all done.  It was a lot of work to plan, and a LOT of work to do; but the work was long ago paid for in the benefits of a more efficient work space.

I’ve been reading a lot, as well, or so it seems.  I have finished several books lately, but most of those were books that I’ve been reading for quite some time.  It’s been good to finish a few and to start some new ones.   Please check the “Reading Basket” in the side bar (just under the picture of my pink parlor rocker) to see what I’m currently reading.   If you’re at all interested in seeing the titles I’ve finished so far this year, you’ll find the up-to-date list here.

Reading is important.  As Ben Franklin once said,
“Reading feeds the brain.  It is evident that

most minds are starving to death.”

Be sure you aren’t starving your brain – find a good book and read!  Suffice it to say, of course, that your first and most important reading every single day should be the Bible.  Beyond that, though, read!!!  Read on topics of interest to you.  Read a book to learn a new skill.  Read a book on a subject that your husband is especially interested in.  Read a good novel.  Read for knowledge.  Read for pleasure.  Just read!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Sunday February 11, 2007

  • You’re so very right about the reading. It keeps the mind active. A quick story, My Great Grandmother was an avid reader all of her life. Two to three books a week. After my Great Grandfather passed away, she gave up on her reading. She never picked up a book again. Within a year her mind started to go. It was so sad to watch. I’m positive that if she would have continued her reading it would have not been that bad for her.

  • Oh, MeezerGirl, that is a sad story.  Good reminder, though, for the rest of us of the importance of keeping our minds sharp!

  • Oh, that is so sad, I’m sorry to hear about the little lamb. (((Hugs))) to Dani, especially.