Thursday February 1, 2007

…….like a spider is crawling on you somewhere?  Weird, but I always get that icky feeling after doing some heavy duty, I’ve-let-this-go-way-too-long cleaning.  After cleaning out the freezer in the garage yesterday, I still had one more day in the fifth week of January to work on my garage.  (Note – I divide up my monthly, semi-annual and annual chores over the course of each month.  Anytime there is a fifth day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) of any given month, that is the time that I concentrate on those monthly, etc., chores in my garage and storage buildings.)  Oh, my!  The freezer yesterday was bad, but the rest of the garage……………………..

The first thing that was necessary was for someone to take the thirteen year old and his bags and bags and bags of recycling into the redeemers.  We have a few folks who keep their aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles, etc., and donate them to my son.  It gives him a way to earn a few bucks.  However, he is only thirteen and we do live out in the country, so it is impossible for him to get his cans in for redemption alone.  What ends up happening is the bags begin to take over the garage!!  Today he loaded them into the van, and Dani drove him to town to turn them all in.  He treated her to a Starbuck’s drink, and he brought one home for his momma, too.  Good boy!

While they were gone, I decided to clean out and organize my two smaller freezers and the garage fridge.  I now have things organized in a manner that makes sense to me ,  and they’ve all been cleaned out, wiped down and neatened up.

Back to the garage…..what a dumping ground it had become!!  I’ve been reading Home Comforts, by Cheryl Mendelson. One of the chapters I’ve read recently talks about the broken window syndrome. The philosophy is this:  If a window is broken in a neighborhood and not repaired quickly, then other windows soon begin to be broken.  Not long after, graffiti begins to appear.  Before long, the entire neighborhood is decaying.  This philosophy extends to our homes, too.  Have you noticed it?  My garage is a good case in point.  When I decorated my front porch for fall, the bench from the front porch was stored in the garage.  Soon, other stuff began to be piled onto the bench “just for now”, mind you.  Then larger things began to be stacked around the bench.  After that, no one thought a thing about dumping their stuff in the garage, just any old place it might land. We even quit sweeping it on a weekly basis. Ugh!!!!

When the kids came back from town, my son and I carried that delinquent bench back to its place on the front porch.  Other items were taken into the house and put away where they belonged, or taken back out to our storage barn where they belonged.  The ice chests necessary for yesterday’s freezer defrosting were put back on the shelf.  The extra sacks of dog and cat food were also taken out to the storage barn. Three boxes were put into the back of the van to be dropped at the Goodwill tomorrow when Dani goes to town. We picked up two sacks full of garbage – the boxes the kids’ kites came in, the plastic dealies from around six packs of soda, oodles and oodles of air soft pellets, etc.!

I had Dani and her brother straighten up our gazillion and one pairs of rubber boots. I tell ya, I think we have a  pair of rubber boots in every size under the sun!!  Dani cleared out the area in front of the treadmill so that it can be accessed easily, and the thirteen year old placed the empty bins for his recycling to one side. The odd ball outdoor toys were put back into their receptacles, and I started sweeping.  And sweeping.  And…’s been a good, long while since that garage has been swept out!

It was a long, dirty afternoon, but it is now done; and oh, my garage is so much nicer!  It could still use some work – there are still a couple of boxes (you see them in the forefront) that need to be dealt with, the shelves are quite messy and I didn’t do a thing about cleaning the cob webs off the ceiling; but there will be a few fifth days in March and I can address those problems then.

In the meantime, guess what I can now put into my garage?

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

Remember to pray for Karen!

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6 comments to Thursday February 1, 2007

  • WHOA!!! A CAR in a GARAGE??? What a concept! 😆

    Looks good!

  • Now I don’t know where to find all the stuff I tossed into carefully selected areas of the garage.  I guess I’ll have to start all over again.:wink:  Actually it was a job long over-due and it looks great now.  You worked very hard and now I can walk through the garage in the dark without risking life and limb.:sunny::goodjob:

  • heeheehee……You’re so funny, my love!!  Thank you!  BTW, you might still risk life and limb out there in the dark if our vicious attack cat is being allowed a night inside…..Beware Psycho-Kitty!!! 

  • wow, garages are for cars?   My hubby says that garages are for man stuff only and not for cars.  Hmmm.  So I park in the driveway.  I use to have to park on the street:laugh:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog.  I so enjoyed our brief chat on Sunday and look forward to some longer talks with a mom who’s there and know.


  • howiesgal – Hey, you know what?!?!?!  If hubby says that the garage is for man stuff, then for man stuff it is!!!!!   I enjoyed chatting with you, as well!!