Friday March 16, 2007

The only cure for Spring Fever is to give in to it!  Yesterday afternoon I decided to do what I could outside.  I  took down the hummingbird feeder and the decorative bird house from the back porch and washed them both.  We’re out of hummingbird food, so the feeder is still in the kitchen.  Yes, yes, I do know how to make hummingbird food from “scratch”, but we have a large population of hummers that visit our feeder in the summertime, and they seem to prefer the commercial stuff.  Go figure.  Dani planted my hanging begonia bulbs a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t hang the pots up on the back porch until yesterday. I watered a bit.  I pulled a few weeds.  I puttered a bit.   I watered some more.  It was so lovely outside, I was really just enjoying being out of doors.

Before too long the thirteen year old came along wondering if I had any extra jobs that needed doing.  Don’t get too excited.  While it is very cool that he asked me that, we do have an agreement with him that we will offer rewards for extra work done.  I told him that I needed the soil in the front flower bed turned over, and then the big bag of peat moss worked in.  He went right to work!  He did a great job,  too!  He pulled out quite a few tree roots and other debris from the bed as he worked.  It took him about an hour to get the bed turned over, the peat worked in, and then everything leveled and the walkway swept up.  He did a good job!!!

Today we headed to the garden center.  Judging by the number of cars in the lot and the crowds inside, I’m not the only one itching to be outdoors!  I like to have flowers that are pink, red and purple hued in my front yard.  Dani found me six lovely almost purple azaleas in front of the garden center.  Unfortunately, I had to drive to a second store to find hydrangeas, but I did find them!  We came home and Dani and I had the plants in the ground in just a few minutes time.  My son did such a wonderful job of working up the soil in that flower bed, Dani and I were able to dig the holes with just our hands!  I will need to wait until next payday to buy the mulch to top dress the flower bed; and Copper will have to re-do the drip irrigation for the new plants when he has the time.  I’m so happy to have it all planted, though!

Here’s one other small thing that we’re working on.  These planters sit between the gates to my chicken and goat yards.  They are planted with orange & yellow Lantana.  My son and Dani helped me gently dig up the still dormant Lantana yesterday, refill the planters with potting soil and then replant the dormant bushes.  A few years ago I planted Dahlia in front of these planters and it was so pretty.  There was no way to separate the Dahlias from the country lawn (i.e. weeds) in that area, and it wasn’t long before the Dahlias were just being mowed with the grass.  I had six linking border blocks from another project, and I tried using those to form a planting area in front of the Lantana.  They made it about half way.  I wasn’t able to find exact matches today, but I bought a few that were similar and lined them up every other one with the old ones.  I think it will look nice!  I’ll save up my garden pennies again and will buy some Dahlias to plant in there soon.  I’m sure that my son will willingly turn up the soil for me and help me work in some compost before we plant.

I know that some of you are still needing to shovel snow.  I know that others of you have already been out gardening for a couple of weeks.  What sorts of things are you finding to do now that spring is just a few days away?

God bless you as  you look well to the ways of your households!
Proverbs 31:27

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13 comments to Friday March 16, 2007

  • I got adventurous and planted mystery flowers out of a box of mixed seeds with no information on it! 😮 😆

  • Oh, my!!  Where, daughter-dear, did you plant said mystery flowers????? 

  • In the flower boxes on my front porch!

  • That could be really, really pretty, or really, really scary, depending on the size of the plants you get from your seeds!!!  It sure will be fun watching to see what happens, won’t it???  🙂

  • Beautiful flowers, Copperswife! Such a pretty shade of purple. I also really like your planter! My two Lantana plants are starting to grow tiny leaves.
    Corin, your mystery seeds sound like lots of fun, you’ll have to tell us what pops up!

  • Your flowers are so pretty!  I am still dealing with snow, but hopefully spring is not too far away.  Debbie

  • About those planters……I meant to mention it in the post:  The planters used to have a top to them that formed a sort of “sectional” seating arrangement in the jail facility where Copper works.  They tore them all out years ago for something different, and the guys were allowed to salvage the left overs.  We have for more of these things, with wood on top of them, in the goat yard for the goats to play on. 

  • Wow, if you’re going to have a “fever” then Spring fever is the kind to have:lol:  Your yard is going to be so beautiful as the result of all of your hard work!  You need to show us a picture when everything is blooming in the summer!

  • oooh!!! What fun to get out and get dirty in the spring. 🙂 Love what you have done with the front beds, and the “staduim” planters. They look good and are going to look terrific when everything is blooming strong. I like the “varigated” look the old and new edging bricks have mixed like that.

    Great job. If I lived closer, I would be hiring a certain 13yo to work the soil in my flower beds too. Nice work!!!

  • We started doing some work yesterday. I got put to the side lines for today. I was moving a block yesterday and it landed on my pinky on the hand a was using to balance myself.  I smashed it up real good. LOL But, I bought my hubby a mower yesterday so he had to try it out today. Not much to mow but you couldn’t tell that man anything. LOL I got to water what we planted yesterday.
    Just being outside was great. :sunny:

  • I’m getting “spring fever”, too!  I purchased a hydrangea and was wondering what planting recommendations you could give me for it.  How deep did you plant yours, does it need some shade, etc.  Thanks! 🙂

  • Where I live, hydrangeas need to be protected from the afternoon sun.  Morning sun is fine, but they prefer partial shade when the sun is hot.  I always mix in a good amount of peat moss into the area where I plant my hydrangeas (and azaleas).  The peat makes a nice soil pH for them and helps hold the moisture in the soil between waterings, too.   Be sure to use the special azalea/hydrangea/rhododendron fertilizers, too, to keep the blooms coming on all summer.