Monday April 2, 2007

Brenda, at Coffee Tea Books and Me, has very kindly awarded me with a Thinking Blogger award.  I am very grateful to her.  I’m glad to know that what I am sharing here is keeping you on your toes, at least from time to time.

This award is passed from blogger to blogger, and so it is now my turn to name five blogs that inspire me to engage my brain and think.  I will tell you, it’s been difficult to name just five (and Brenda’s blog would have made my list had she not already been chosen by someone else!)   Here are my five choices:

#1 – Buried Treasure –  Carmon keeps me thinking like no one else.  Perhaps it is because we are like-minded in many areas.  She is not afraid to tackle the tough and/or controversial issues, but she tackles them with grace!

#2 – #5 in no particular order:

Dominion Family – Cindy keeps me on my toes when it comes to thinking about homeschooling.  Not the “how to’s” so much, as the whys.  And not just homeschooling, but other aspects of family and church life as well.  I enjoy Dominion Family very much; but I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Cindy and that’s a good thing.  Because I don’t always agree, I’m forced to think through the differences and sort out my own reasoning, weighing it against her well-written position.  Sometimes, she’ll even change my mind!  (Just for the record, though, I agree with her most of the time.)  An added bonus is Cindy’s terrific sense of humor!

Like Merchant Ships – Living frugally is as much about thinking things through as it is about not spending money.  Meredith  has the best frugal living blog out there.  She’s amazing!!   It’s not all about how little she’s spending (though that’s pretty amazing, too!); one of her strengths is her ability to share the thought process and rationale behind frugal living.  I am inspired by her to think through my buying habits and to look for new ways to save money, while still living well.

Rod Dreher (Crunchy Con) – I’ve had his book, Crunch Cons, in my book basket for weeks and haven’t even cracked the cover, but I enjoy reading his blog most every day.  He offers great conservative commentary on the issues of the day.  I really need to start reading his book!!

Amy’s Humble Musings – She makes me think, and she makes me laugh – always a winning combination! Since I am new to reformed theology, I find Amy’s “humble” ways of discussing her faith and her life quite thought provoking.  She has her roots down deep, and it shows.  I often find myself thinking about something she’s said in one of her posts for days afterwards, until I can finally digest it all.  A younger woman that’s keeping an older gal like me thinking!

If these blogs are new to you, be sure to pay them a visit!!

God bless you as you look well to the ways of your household!
Proverbs 31:27

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3 comments to Monday April 2, 2007

  • Congratulations on your “thinking blog award!”  You certainly are deserving as you are constantly making me think, ponder, and reevaluate.  I am excited because I am only familiar with two of the blogs you mentioned so it will be wonderful to read some new ones.  I’m off to explore!:wave:

  • Congrats! I found your blog through “Coffee, Tea, Books and Me.

  • Congrats and I totally agree!

    Gini Young now found at my updated blogspot…
    (My daughter’s name is Mercy, hence the title)